TLOU: Remastered: No Drastic 60 FPS Drop, 30 FPS For Those Who Prefer It, First Disc/Photo Mode Pic

Today, Naughty Dog revealed first official in-game screenshots of The Last of Us: Remastered Playstation 4 and revealed ton of important information about the game. The game will by default run at 1080p/60 FPS resolution but players will have an option of locking it at 30 FPS for consistent performance. As soon as Naughty Dog made this announcement, fans bombarded developers with queries: TLOU Remastered performance at 60 FPS is unstable and hence this 30 FPS?

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Future_20151580d ago

We will see the frames per second properly when Digital Foundry do their analysis on it, sony better not be cheesing me. I normally don't buy remakes especially less than a year of when the game came out but this one gets a pass

GribbleGrunger1580d ago

Look in the background of this pic:

That there is Photomode :)

vishmarx1580d ago

this is something that should be there in every game,
half the fun in inFamous was taking awesome photos,
the other day i was playing shadow of the colossus and i was pressing the r3 and select button repeatedly like an idiot lol

N0gg1nsh0tz1580d ago

..... YESSSS!
Photo Mode Plz be true.

Gonna be awesome! The whole remaster.

GribbleGrunger1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

It IS true. It comes as a day one patch.

A warning to anyone who hasn't played this game yet: DO NOT PLAY LEFT BEHIND FIRST!

Yes, it's unlocked from the beginning.

Has that headline been edited? LOL

AliTheSnake11580d ago

Definitely locking at 30fps. I can't stand 60fps on third person games, unless it's in the multiplayer. It's great that they offer both options. Great job ND.

G_V_Black1580d ago


I'm sure that Left Behind will have the same disclaimer that the PS3 version had.

christian hour1580d ago

So happy there's a photo mode. To me that's a better feature than 60fps and improved textures, I am a camera geek :D

Of course nothing trumps improved lighting. Yaaaay lighting!

Very happy they included a 30fps lock option, I have a lot of film school graduate friends that will be DELIGHTED by this option. The same assholes who wouldnt come see the HighFramRate hobbit with me because it "looked wierd" :( haha

starchild1580d ago

The photo mode alone makes the game a lot more enticing for me.

I was getting the game no matter what anyway, but I'm very happy about the photo mode.

UltraNova1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I will take some nice pics when Joel bashes some skulls on desks or walls..Cant wait!

Will definitely try both 30 and 60 fps to see how it affects response time etc.

Its good to have this option since old 1080p TVs (like my neighbor's) can only do 50hz which if I'm not mistaken a 60fps source would cause screen tearing.

Cant wait for it and especially for that left behind dlc!

Pixel_Enemy1579d ago

Photo mode should be in all PS4 games and Sony should patent that like yesterday. inFamous was a GORGEOUS game and photo mode really let you take it all in and see the detail that the devs really put into the particles, lighting, textures etc. I am so excited that TLOU will have photo mode!

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1579d ago
XiSasukeUchiha1580d ago

30FPS mode confirmed, so now haters hate, PS4 disc image looks nice, and thanks for rest!

Future_20151580d ago

can we turn up some graphics settings then if we lock it at 30fps? ow wait you can't, only on pc you can do that with games, no offence intended so don't bleed over it

stavrami-mk21580d ago

I can't believe how awesome you are Your pc is the best and your stature is surly above anyone I've ever know. Please leave your address and I will send you a home made medal + crown

Future_20151580d ago

ow wait so if any pc gamer has the option to turn up or down their graphical settings to gain or decrease their framerate now their PC elitist or wearing crowns? console logic argument not even worth reading your responses anymore because they are so braindead its funny

stavrami-mk21580d ago

Pc hero calm down your medal + crown is in the post

Randostar1580d ago

The only reason you said that was to "offend" people. Why else would you say that?

KonsoruMasuta1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Why are you trying to turn a normal piece of news into a fanboy war?

Anyways, on topic, it's good that console developers are starting to add the option to customize your settings.

The way the frame rate in some of these games fluctuate, I would rather play a lot of them locked.

Lulz_Boat1580d ago

so many games to play that you are here trolling console owners.


Master-H1580d ago

Eh.. go back to your Goat Simulator

Spotie1580d ago

Future, go take a nap. Maybe a refreshed mind will help you not be such a troll.

Father__Merrin1580d ago

im just on steam now and im finding it hard to find a title like TLOU on steam. can you point me out a AAA game thats as good as TLOU on steam?

oh wait, ive just found "monsters ate my birthday cake" its on for £10.99

AaronPS1580d ago

Yeah I bet you can't wait to play this on your PC. Ow wait you can't, only on PlayStation can you do that,no offence intended so don't bleed over it.

SharnOfTheDEAD1580d ago

The Irony is you can't do that with this game on PC because it isn't on PC along with the rest of the brilliant AAA titles XD Have fun with the metric shit tonne of MMO Clones and the other garbage that is crowding the steam store while us console gamers get to enjoy games of this caliber.

christian hour1580d ago


Wow, in my 27 years I had no idea that was possible on a PC.

Thank you for informing me about this great thing about PC gaming, I had no idea my shitty pc could run games from 3 years ago if I dropped the frame rate, shadows and aliasing down so i can bump the textures and draw distance up.

You're the best captain obvious, but.. and I must ask this, isn't their a bridge somewhere you're supposed to be under? I'd hate to keep you late from your appointment.

I know you tried to mean no offence but you knew exactly what would happen pointing this out here when it had NOTHING to do with the subject at hand. Absolutely nothing at all bar the fact you mentioned fps.

ShinMaster1580d ago

You can lock TLOU at 30fps and turn up the graphics on your PC? oh wait you can't. It's only on PS4/3.

"no offence intended so don't bleed over it"
What does this have to do with his comment? Did you know that unnecessarily plugging in comments like that only make you look insecure?

funkybudda1579d ago

you are right, console cant tweak much graphic setting, we all should be playing this on PC. OH WAIT. AAA EXCLUSIVES THAT PC GAMERS WILL NEVER GET TO PLAY. ROFL.

kenshiro1001579d ago

You make PC gamers look bad with that drivel.

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hkgamer1579d ago

what is the point of having low framerate if there is no boost in the graphical department.

do people really think lower framerate means a more cinematic feel? then why dont people lock their framerate to 24fps?

Corpser1580d ago

So it's not 60 FPS, there would be no need for a locked 30fps option if it's locked 60fps

Lawboy21580d ago

They clearly said it's not locked 60 FPS....but I don't think that actually matters...and b4 being accused of being a sony fanboy....I'm not

N0gg1nsh0tz1580d ago

It's locked at 60fps but they have a 30fps locked option for those who prefer it.

GW2121580d ago

Read the article. Thanks.

MrSec841580d ago

Corrine Yu said that she plays the final build at 60FPS unlocked, with no dips.

Weeks ago programmers for this build of the game said that they were aiming for higher than 60FPS, so that there was a buffer, to prevent the game dipping.

The truth is that we won't know how the frame rate turns out until Digital Foundry tests it.

A spokesperson for Naughty Dog has stated that the option is in there to please people that prefer 30FPS, since some feel that it's more cinematic & fitting to this kind of game.

This in of itself isn't a reason to think the game will drop below 60FPS.
Hell ND has confirmed in slides for technical details about the game, that the single & multiplayer for the game are 1080/60, until evidence appears to show otherwise it's 1920X1080 60FPS.

Kivespussi1580d ago

Cinematic... Some people really don't know what the hell they are talking about

kingPoS1580d ago

I get what your saying. True motion Motionflow Motion plus ect, at 120hz can look weird in some movies.

Filmic indeed. It's sure is nice to have options... eh.

Gateway MT6706 2008

christian hour1580d ago

That 30fps option is there for the same people that want the 24 fps Hobbit movies, some people just dont like the look and feel that comes from higher frame rates when it comes to these types of games. 60fps only really comes in to play when you're gaming competitively in racers, fighters and FPS's etc, and even then you can still get fudged by latency.

After that it's not really needed, unless you plan on featuring lots of cool bullet time mechanics all over yr single player game. In which case, you should probably go back to the drawing board, or the 90's when that shit was cool and still relevant.

Bottom line is, we only need 24 frames a second for the illusion of animation to work for our eyes. Maybe if you're a pigeon, you might have problems with anything less than 60fps (or 2000fps if we're being realistic here and I don't want to offend any pigeons on fudging the numbers, im just trying to make a point.)

It's a numbers game with a lot of people here, they see the bigger number, they think it must be better in every way. We'll be having this very same discussion in 5-10 year when people want 120fps as standard because "omg 60fps is teh suck!".

Master-H1580d ago

It is 60 FPS with no dips. However Naughty Dog have noticed your extra weak trolling attempts as of late and decided to give you some ammo by including the 30 FPS lock option, rejoice!

Destrania1579d ago

I had absolutely zero problems with playing TLoU on PS3. I'm going to start the remastered game at 60fps, and if it doesn't feel right I'll change it to 30fps. Nice to have options.

hkgamer1579d ago

i think its almost always 60fps if not locked. thats what nd is making it out to be anyway.

however, for people who claim to like 30 fps more this is for them. its the stupid people who think 30fps equals cinematic.

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Lawboy21580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I'm trying to play this game day one....thank you Lukas for words of encouragement...never played the game so I am getting a little excited with all the news's hoping for the best...also this will be my first naughty dog maybe I'll fall in love with the developer...already have become a sucker punch and guerrilla games fan this gen....hopefully naughty dogs next

GW2121580d ago

This will be your first Naughty Dog game? Lucky you, enjoy it. They are the best console developer in the game for a reason.

I had given up video gaming for a while before that because of work/real life... and then the first Uncharted hit.