£150 Destiny Bundle on Xbox One Sold Out on Xbox One at GAME, PS4 'Running Out'

GAME, the UK retailer, has tweeted that the Xbox One version of the Destiny Ghost Edition has sold out at all of its retailers. The PlayStation 4 version of the bundle is currently still available at the retail chain, however there are very few units left.

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user74029311558d ago

sweet, cant wait for this awesome game.

tbone5671558d ago

Already preordered on Xbox one along with the MCC.
Excited more about the MCC. All my friends returning to Halo in a big way. Tower of Power, custom games on Xbox One with Halo 2 mechanics. Drools.

JohnJ1558d ago

Great time to be a gamer!

pedrof931557d ago

Actually the explanation is simple ps4 has more units so is natural that will sell more, but sony has Ps4 white destiny bundle which may switch buyers from this special edition.

dericb111558d ago

Can't wait either. As long as I have some people on PS4 that is good enough for me. If more people end of buying the Xbox versions good for them as WE ARE ALL PLAYING THE SAME GAME.

mcstorm1558d ago

It will be interesting to see the sales numbers for this game. I know on n4g etc the hype is massive but I don't know anyone or heard any kids say they can't wait for this game. Ive seen alot of people talk about halo and the new cod.

I really hope this game sells well though looks very interesting just wish I had more time to game at the moment and im going to have to pick it up later on as I have far too many unfinished games at the moment. O the joys of getting older.

Yo Mama1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I don't believe this for one second. You mean to tell me that the Ghost edition for PS4 sold out everywhere in the world before the Xbone except at Game? Yeah right. Someone call around to a few Game stores and post the results.

If it is true, it's probably because Game ordered fewer Xbone copies per store based on demand expectations.

I refuse to believe that UK gamers are dumber than the rest the world.

truefan11558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Your denial is strong, that same XB1 Destiny Ghost Edition sold out first on Amazon. It's looking like Xb1 might sell just as much as the ps4 version. That means it was pretty much be a wasted investment for sony, especially if the game become synonymous with xbox gaming going forward. Destiny is an online game and xbox is known for online gaming. Even though you may see a few twitter posts of angry fans, Bungie still has a nice following on xbox.

chrisarsenalsavart1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

You re giving lessons about deniability now?

bicfitness1558d ago

Logic would dictate that there are simply fewer X1 Ghost Edition SKUs. If you really think that Destiny will shift more units on the X1, you should probably look at what happened with Watch Dogs, as well as factor in that the PS4 has probably twice the install base of the X1 by now.

imt5581558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )


That means it was pretty much be a wasted investment for sony,

So, according to your shi**y opinion ( GAME = world ), Destiny for Xbone sold out on GAME.CO.UK and Sony investment for Destiny is wasted GAME is just one little tiny game retailer in a sea of many game retailers. Look the Destiny on or or .jp or .de

SuperBlunt1558d ago

Multiplats suffer because of the xbox brand. Its pathetic that people support them in the first place with their totalarian intents. Then there is you...

sinspirit1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Destiny sales on PS4 have an extra unit involved, the Destiny PS4 system bundle.

These are preorders. Nothing is final.

And like others have said. PS4 might have made more produced copies because of its larger user base.

Right now Destiny on PS4 is number 1 on Amazon in America. Destiny on X1 is 8.

sic_chops1558d ago

@trufan don't forget about the white ps4 destiny bundles. Add those in.

sic_chops1558d ago

@trufan actually I'm coming back for you when the official numbers release.

king_ps41558d ago

Ps4 pre orders are way higher than Xbox one.

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Bonkerz1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

You just cannot accept anything positive X1 can you? Why cant you open your eyes and realize that the X1 is turning into an amazing machine. Stop being so anti X1 and realize that gamers are wanting an X1 they are doing a wonderful job turning it around.

@Kuriso, yea im sure people who own a PS4 already are buying the white PS4 for Destiny.

die_fiend1558d ago

Turning it around? Please tell me how as I'd love to buy one if there was any reason to when I've got a ps4. I don't see a single game I want on it right now, nor anything in the future.

The last thing Microsoft were doing recently when they let their execs talk again was to 'defy you to see a difference in resolution'. How dare they talk to people like that.

ha8eraid1558d ago

So @die_fiend because they don't have a game that appeals to you that means they aren't turning it around

Kurisu1558d ago

It's because everyone is buying the White PS4 Destiny bundle instead!

mkis0071558d ago

He doesn't seem to get the allure of a white console. Or that new people are buying ps4's.

Bennibop1558d ago

I have phoned game they are also out of stock on ps4.

Gamble201558d ago

There could be many reasons for the discrepancy. You assume the number available for both XB1 and PS4 were equal but considering the vastly higher user base of PS4 in the region do you really think there wouldn't be a higher supply of PS4 versions of the game? My guess is, in addition to the PS4 bundle itself selling some, there was simply a higher supply of PS4 versions and therefore it took slightly longer to sell through them all.

I'm not saying that IS what happened. I am just saying it is possible. So don't assume it's a conspiracy that xb1 is selling more.

BG115791558d ago

Because everyone already pre-order it on PS4?

ThatOneRiggaNob1558d ago

lol it's pretty sad that you feel the need to prove this wrong so strongly.

tbone5671558d ago

Denial is strong with this one.

user95589031558d ago

You guys are all a bunch of whiny little children. Who cares.

AngelicIceDiamond1558d ago

Its interesting ppl are attacking truefans troll statement but ignoring yo mamas troll statement at the same time.

According to ppl here you
Gotta be pathetic to buy the X1 version or there' "no way" the x1 version is selling well.

This site has allot of growing up to do and maturing as well
. People are unable to respect others preferences and purchases, its sad.

king_ps41558d ago

That's funny because you're not even mature yourself lmao.

Funantic11558d ago

Your denial is painful.

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souga_houjou_jin1558d ago

lol....try harder
destiny ps4 edition outsell the xcrap everywhere nice try for getting attention tho

SuperBlunt1558d ago

Which puts xbox high and ps4 low. What the hell is your point?

souga_houjou_jin1558d ago

lol...the 4+millions gap say otherwise
and buddy save this message...destiny sony edition wil lsell double

thx me later

spicelicka1558d ago

lol if it sells more on PS4 will your balls grow bigger? I highly doubt it hahaha

patrik231558d ago

on amazon UK

standard edition

PS4 #1
xbox one #2

limited edition

PS4 #7
xbox one #18

thrust1558d ago

Amazon is not game btw!

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