Top 5 Dream Club Nintendo Elite Rewards

It seems that Nintendo of America needs some help choosing items to offer as Platinum and Gold rewards for Elite level Club Nintendo members. After offering a Mario figurine in 2010, the program began to slide downward with soundtracks for aging games before landing with a dull thud in 2014 by offering a single download from a selection of lesser Virtual Console and eShop releases). Clearly Club Nintendo has run out of ideas on how to make its members happy, so I'm ready to step up and suggest a few items off my wish list of dream Club Nintendo prizes any one of which would be perfect for 2015's Elite offerings.

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The 10th Rider1742d ago

I actually didn't register any games this past year because I knew I wouldn't hit platinum. Figured I could just save them and hit platinum next club Nintendo year. Glad I did!

tigner1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

yeah...that was my feeling too....but i logged like 160 Club Ninty Coins at end of May(thankgoodness for nephews)to reach platinum're a lucky person

problem is the platinum status gifts suck beyond measure this year. its excusable and wreaks of Ninty being cheap.

I wouldn't have a problem with digital downloads like these, but half are games that have been offered before for least give us maybe launch titles like the Pre Order of Mario Kart 8 did.....

thorstein1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I agree. I have the Mario hat, figurine (mentioned), even a cool green game tote from the rewards, but the actual rewards for hitting those milestones really isn't that great.

With the launch of MK8 amongst the upcoming games, I don't see how digital downloads are worth it. Some of the "points based rewards" are better.

EDIT: I just logged on mere minutes ago to check the gold/plat rewards. Then, after typing my comment I logged in again and I get the "club.nintendo is down for maintenance".

Weird timing on my part.

GamingSinceThe80s1742d ago

It seems they have been trying to faze out the fiscal rewards for a while now.Which I can understand because they are not making that Wii money anymore,in fact they have been losing millions of dollars every year.And the cost of those rewards plus shipping is just to great.Digital rewards just make more sense as gifts they cost them next to nothing,other than a potential lost sale by giving you the game for free.Giving away anything at this point must be hard to justify to their shareholders even free digital games.That said DK Returns 3d is still a $30 game as well as Game and Wario making them the most expensive giveaways yet at face value just not Ebay prices.

klecser1742d ago

I've never played DKCR before now. I got it for free with this promotion, and I can see why people say it is one of the best all-time platformers. I hate platformers, and I'm enjoying it. Its just pretty to look at.

GamingSinceThe80s1742d ago

DKCR is a great game.The sequel DKCTF is great for Wii U also.I think I'm getting Game and Wario because I already have DKCR for the Wii.I would get earthbound but I still have my SNES copy,one of my all time favorite games though.

NintendoSonyfan1741d ago

I bought a Wii U in October last year and hit Platinum status in May. I already have 120 points toward next year as well. I do hope they bring back physical rewards but not complaining about free games either, although they could be newer or at least more expensive games considering how much I spent to get there.