Test Drive Unlimited: Difference between 360 and PS2 Versions

The PS2 version is using Melbourne House's highly specialized "Racing Engine" for car handling, the same engine that grew up through DethKarz, GP500, LeMans and Grand Prix Challenge. The cars have all been hand-tuned for PS2 and they have definite personalities - from the heavy US muscle cars to the nimble Lotus, or the insane acceleration and wheelspin of the Supercars. TDU PS2 will suit both newcomers and hard-core racers, and everyone will have their own favorite car that handles just the way they like.

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power of Green 4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

You PS fan will love this games, one of the best arcade Racing tittles i'v seen in ages.

But Ouch! the trade off hurts because part of the badassness was the views on the Island. I wonder what they did to overcome those primative controllers.

ACE4444d ago

the 360 s version was very good i clocked on over 100 hrs play on it pure eye candy it was :) .

JPomper4443d ago

Oh man, this version won't look so hot :-/