The Last of Us: Screenshot Comparison

Two screens of PS3 and PS4 versions compared side by side show how much improvement has been made.

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iplay1up21608d ago

I would not call this a "major Improvement". It looks better, but we are not talking PS2-PS3 generational leap, or a N64 to Gamecube leap here.

I think these screeshots were posted before too.

I am not going to shell out $59.99 for a game I just played a year ago because it looks a little prettier.

micx1608d ago

Luckily, around 50% of PS4 playerbase haven't got a chance to experience this title.

Corpser1608d ago

90% of ps3 owners never played it either

truefan11608d ago

Well considering only 8% (7/83 million) of ps3 gamers bought it, what does that say? Stop magically assuming everyone is going to decide to buy the game now, terrible logic.

tbone5671608d ago

I don't really see any difference either. Looks like they just panned out.

Conzul1608d ago

Wait the site said something about a screenshot that true?!

VanDamme1607d ago

Wait wait wait... if only 8% of the PS3 owners bought it and 67% of PS3 owners own a PS4, then 33% of PS4 owners minus the 8% of the 67% of PS3 owners that played it, haven't played it.

Sounds like a decent amount of people will get to play this on the PS4 for their first time...

SonyWarrior1607d ago

yea I skipped this game because PS4 was about to come out. I'm glade its coming to ps4 I have it preordered

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GribbleGrunger1608d ago

Out of interest, why did you call yourself GotHDGame?

iplay1up21608d ago

Well, I used to use it for my tag online, back when games really first started doing true HD on consoles, and I am not talking 360/PS3 pseudo. I should change it I guess, but I have been using it for a long time.

UnHoly_One1608d ago

I'm confused.

If the 360/PS3 was "pseudo HD", then what consoles are you talking about?

I'm especially confused since you've been using it "for a long time".

lifeisgamesok1608d ago

I concur. What's with all of these articles that keep exaggerating the improvement with this remaster

It definitely doesn't look like a generational leap

I don't see the vast improvement either

Imalwaysright1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I disagree on principle because you're acting like an immature douche and because you clearly don't know how the game looks on the PS3.

Does the sign look as blurry on the video as it does in the picture you provided?


BitbyDeath1608d ago

Game was already good looking, what you will notice though is that it will look better than all of the Halo remasters so that should say something to you.

SilentNegotiator1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Your opinion will change so fast that heads will spin when a certain other remaster releases later this year. All of the sudden a resolution increase and improved textures will be completely noticeable and a massive improvement.

Imalwaysright1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Calling me an xbot won't change anything and me jealous? Please... Not only have I played this game last year but I was also lucky enough to get it 3 days before release date. I still have it and I won't ever get rid of it as it was my personal GOTY of last year. I know that it doesn't look as blurry as the picture you provided. You're not fooling me or anyone that has played it on the PS3.

UnHoly_One1608d ago

My god Lukas, calm down.

Based on your reaction, you would think that this game was handed down to Playstation owners on a ray of light by God himself.

I think almost all negative comments about this come from the fact that it's only a year old game and it's already being "remastered". And to a lot of us, we just plain don't see a big enough visual difference for it to really matter.

Then there are people like me that thought the game was just "ok" to begin with. Story presentation was great, the gameplay was awful. It just wasn't my type of game. I still have it, but I'll likely never play it again, I just didn't like it enough to warrant a second playthrough. (I barely pushed through to finish it once.)

I'm glad you like the game so much, and I hope the bump to 1080p and 60 fps makes it better somehow, but you need to cool your jets a little. Your over-the-top attitude is certainly not going to get any reasonable person to side with you.

Patrick_pk441608d ago

@UnHoly_One The problem is that there are a few individuals who are offended when one has a different opinion, or critiques someones work. Lukas attacked Lifeisgamesok because Lukas believe it is a 'massive improvement', which is isn't. The resolution has been increased allowing less blur and more sharpers textures and images. Some textures were altered and a few other aspects were included. I've been behind Sony since the PS1 and Naughty Dog holds a special place in my heart, but these delusional fanboys have to stop talking out of their ass like they speak for the whole community.

@Lukas Stop being immature.

Conzul1608d ago

Nor will you, as these are but static screenshots.

This isn't photography.
Gaming is motion.

KwietStorm1608d ago

Well of course you and truefan don't see anything, but what fool expected a "generational leap" from a remaster?

Alexious1608d ago

The improvements seem pretty good to me. I don't know what you were expecting one year after the original release...This is one of PS3's finest looking games.

AndrewLB1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

So what happened to the actual gameplay looking like this?

I distinctly remember claims that the gameplay will use the same level of detail as the cut-scenes. Hmm..

DigitalRaptor1608d ago

@ AndrewLB

Are you using a non-cutscene image to try and compare to gameplay?

Even so, you're also trying to compare a head-on shot of a "cutscene" to a side-on shot of a gameplay screenshot.

Hmmm, indeed.

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Blackleg-sanji1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Ahem...its actually 49.99...
With all the dlc and thr 15.00 single player dlc too..jus sayian

JoGam1608d ago

All I got to say is bring on the multiplayer.

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uth111608d ago

well there's bound to be diminishing returns in visual upgrades. Last gen could already do photo-realistic visuals, current gen can do them sharper and with more action.

tbone5671608d ago

Well Said This is true milkage by Sony to their fans. The true better remaster and remake is the Halo MCC. It will probably sell 5 times as much.

sibbor1608d ago

I can't see this milkage. It's one of the greatest games ever created, and a lot of PS4 owners haven't owned/played it, that's existing PS3/Xbox 369/Wii users and newcomers.

Also, with a year of development and porting to x86-64 architecture and lots of improvements I find it pretty kind of them to release the game as cheap as they've done.

You seem to fail to understand that this is a remaster, not a remake! Compared to the PS3 version there's plenty of upgrades for us all to enjoy:

- 1080p60 compared to 720p30, which is a 450% increase in pixel/sec, fyi.
- Better textures + filtering + no streaming
- Improved draw distance
- LOD is better
- Better lightning
- Additional sound options

ITPython1608d ago

TLOU got more GOTY awards than the entire Halo series COMBINED. Just let that soak in for a while.

Halo is nothing more than the first generation COD, 90% of it's popularity is because it was a online FPS game that was hyped to the moon and back by MS. The only original game in the series was the first Halo, then they just kept milking the franchise and each one was pretty much identical to the last, just like Activision does with COD.

The last few Halo games weren't even made by Bungie, just like the COD games aren't being made by the original Infinity Ward anymore.

Milking ranks:

#1 COD series
#2 Halo series

Deal with it.

lsujester1608d ago

So the Halo collection with four games for people to rebuy is less milking than one game's GOTY (basically what it is) edition? Oookay.

Grilla1608d ago

×5 will be pretty hard to accomplish with half the install base.

psforward1608d ago

This article is about The Last of Us with has nothing to do with Halo. Get back under your bridge!

Alexious1608d ago

How is it better? There's a more noticeable improvement but that is obvious, since the games being remastered are much older...

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Utalkin2me1608d ago


You would not call this port a major improvement? Double the frames and the textures look way better. That alone is a major improvement.

You won't shell out 60 for a game you have already played and could care less about now. But you don't have a problem come commenting on something you don't really care about. Makes alot of sense.

JustInTlME1608d ago

Game isn't even $59.99......


I would get it on PS4 just for the 1080p and 60fps, but as far as graphics, it could hurt it too. The game looks good no doubt, but as seen in these screenshots, The "Muddyness" or "Pasty" Tone in the textures really stands out vs when it was 720p 30fps.
The disagrees are ridiculous, just shows how fanboys get offended so easily lol

Alexious1608d ago

Well, that's your privilege. However, the multiplayer scene on PS4 is still pretty barren, and I bet TLOU: Remastered will be a very popular game until Fall.

SilentNegotiator1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Get some new glasses.

The barbed wire looks like onion rings on the ps3 compared to PS4. There isn't a bunch of aliasing where the light reflects off of objects on Ps4. The textures are twice as sharp. Reading the sign doesn't require straining your eyes. The foliage looks way more realistic. You can COUNT the bricks on that building, FFS.

That is a major improvement.

Master-H1608d ago

First : it's 49.99$ actually.

Second : haters gonna hate.

Magicite1608d ago

actually its below 50$ and nobody is forcing you to buy it.

poor_cus_of_games1608d ago

I am. I know a good thing when I see it.

starchild1608d ago

The differences are quite significant. This game is going to look a lot better than the PS3 version, especially in motion (and games are almost always in motion).

The anti-aliasing alone is going to have a huge impact on how solid and real the world feels. Jaggies are extremely immersion-breaking for me and the fact that the game is now rendering natively at 1080p with high quality anti-aliasing is going to result in a significantly more detailed and cleaner looking game.

windwardmist1608d ago

Thats good its only 49.99 then :D

ITPython1608d ago

The difference is definitely huge. PS3 version compared to PS4 version is significantly more blurry and lacks a lot of detail, it's almost like the camera was smeared with grease. Whereas the PS4 version is absolutely crystal clear and even has great draw distance.

Comparing the building to the right and the street signs shows a monumental difference between the two. Just amazing they were able to have such a massive gap in graphics while also bumping up the framerate to 60 and resolution to 1080p. I can't even begin to imagine how insanely good it would look if it was capped at 30fps, perhaps they are holding off on that visual surprise for UC4.

Melankolis1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Port is a port, i think ND will make a "major improvement" you mentioned if they decide to remake TLOU, not just a port. Yes, even if this generation doesn't have a generation leap like in the past.

And i suggest you to watch (and play) it in motion, not just screenshot, by then you can decide it's just a prettier version, or more than that....

Edit : I think the comparison in screenshot is unfair for PS3, it's captured on 1080p on both consoles, while PS3 only support 720p, of course it's blurrier than the reality.

Wolfbiker1608d ago

Good thing its only $49.99 then...

SH1ELD1608d ago

Because it's just a port moron.

Ickythump311607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


"I am not going to shell out $59.99 for a game I just played a year ago because it looks a little prettier"

No one said you had to.. so stop crying.

cyclindk1607d ago

Change it to "GotUHDGame"

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Imp0ssibl31608d ago

I hoped for more improvement, honestly. Although with a remaster of a game only released one year ago, it was to be expected.

XiSasukeUchiha1608d ago

Pretty good leap I say so myself:)

karamsoul1608d ago

It's definitely a decent leap. Day 1.

TheBoy1608d ago

Hardly call that a generational leap, it's an improvement, but nothing major.

Alexious1608d ago

Remember that the game only came out a year ago, not four or five.