Forget Retail: Destiny Digital Guardian Edition Pre-Order Is The Best Bang For Your Buck

Joel Taveras of DualShockers writes, "If you’re excited for Destiny, you’ve already pre-ordered, and you’ve got your money down on one of the more extravagant retail editions, you should take a step back and get a good look at the physical bonuses and figure out if it’s something you can live without. Because when it comes down to the actual content in the game, there’s nothing extra. Remember, you can always slide that pre-order money on to another release at your local retailer, as I’m pretty sure there’s other titles releasing this fall that you can use that extra $10 or $60 on. If you’re going deep with Destiny, the Digital Guardian Edition is the best bang for your buck."

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oODEADPOOLOo2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

So basically article seems to be saying digital is better, because you don't have stuff lying around? what? Your paying nearly the same price, with physical special edition only being a $10 difference. Why would you pay nearly the same for less? They both include the seasons pass and the same other extra fluff, but physical has artbook and steelbook. Im not seeing the benefit to digital, other than not having it in your hand...which seems more like a con to me.

2382d ago
InMyOpinion2382d ago

The digital version is much more expensive on PSN than the retail version. In Sweden at least. Digital is 709:- when retail is 549:-.

And you can't trade digital either.

Palitera2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Once they lower the digital prices to reflect the severe loss of value due to its inability to be traded, I'll start thinking about digital.

InMyOpinion2382d ago

@Palitera - Exactly how I feel.

LordMaim2382d ago

@Palitera: I think they're less concerned with that, since they get zero revenue from used game sales.

patsrule3162382d ago

With Gamers Club Unlocked, The Destiny Limmited edition is $80 (and $10 off a future Best Buy purchase), while the Digital Edition is $90. The LE contains everything in the Digital Guardian edition plus the extras.

PANDAB2382d ago

Both types (hard and soft) have their advantages and disadvantages.

For people like me who have to pay ridiculous amounts in import duties and taxes, Digital availability of any title is extremely useful.

BattleTorn2382d ago

Yup. In Canada all retail games are now $69.99. So with the $34.99 DLC, that's about $105+tax= ~$118.

As far as I can tell, when I load my PSN account with cash I am not charged any taxes. (not even US$ conversion)

So the $99 bundle is a $20 savings for me.

medman2382d ago

No thanks. When I buy a product, I prefer to receive something tangible in hand, not some fantasy product existing only in the ether.

BattleTorn2382d ago

cause when servers get shut down the tangible disks for Destiny will still play on.....

Evil Rant Monkey2382d ago

Shhh...the person you're selling the tangible disk to doesn't need to know that...

haha j/k

Mr-Dude2382d ago

Well... I like to change to the digital guardian edition. But the EU store doesn't have it..

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