Remastered: The games in need of a next-gen remix

Meet the games that need a next-gen makeover, from Skyrim to Fallout 3 and more.

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JBSleek1608d ago

I would much rather have an Elder Scrolls VI then a remake of V.

I would much rather have Fallout 4 then Fallout 3

And so on and so forth with the list...

Many of these games are quite old so I would rather companies spend resources on the next generation edition of the games then bringing back the old ones.

user74029311608d ago

your claim holds no water. there releasing the master chief collection (not my thing) and there also making halo 5.

King_of_Nothing1608d ago

JBSleek's point is that remasters take resources, period. Whether or not a company has resources to do both isn't the issue.

I'm sure most gamers would rather see a new installment in their favorite franchise sooner rather than later instead of a remaster of a previous gen game many have already played extensivley

JBSleek1608d ago

My claim...Which was me saying I prefer new games to remasters holds water because it's an opinion and personal preference...

RedCloud881608d ago

with the similarities between pc and ps4/xb1, i wouldn't be surprised to see some hd remasters that are really just pc ports running at top spec. I mean skyrim on 360/ps3 was what? maybe medium pc settings? having it on pc already i wouldn't really care, but i can see the allure to those console players that haven't seen the pc version.

with that said, i'm with you BRING ON ELDER SCROLLS VI and FALLOUT 4

joab7771608d ago

Give me a Bioshock collection and fallout collection and I am good.

And obviously fallout 4 is being made.

Blackleg-sanji1608d ago

Uncharted 1-3 and uncharted golden abyss on ps4 make it happen sony

Ghost_Nappa1608d ago

For the love of god, can we get a @#$%ing KOTOR remaster???

Nodoze1608d ago

With EA at the helm of Star Wars gaming, I would abandon all hope of a Kotor remake!

joab7771608d ago

And a me one...a real one! Seriously, just imagine that.

And make the new mass effect an mmo like destiny! Imagine guild ships, strike team missions, choosing any race and power set etc. Damn.

Mr Marvel1608d ago

Uncharted 1-3 with no MP would make for a great remastered trilogy.

I never got to play Fallout 3 or New Vegas, but I'd so play them on PS4 remastered with better frame rates, load times and up-rez'd.

I would also play Skyrim again on PS4 as the PS3 version was so buggy with painfully slow load times and a bad frame rate.

windwardmist1608d ago

Play Fallout 3 and New vegas on PC man. They should run on most PCs out and the textures will be nice and upgraded.. plus there is a lot of mods for them.

Nodoze1608d ago

Red Dead Redemption!! I would buy it again AND would pay 60 bucks for it!

joab7771608d ago

Rdr would be cool but I am almost sure its Rock stars next next gen title.

Bioshock wont b made again so a bioshock collection remastered w/ some new content would make me so damn happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.