The Wolf Among Us To Get Retail Release

Earlier today, developer Telltale Games announced plans to bring its episodic, graphic novel-based game, The Wolf Among Us to retail. The game, according to Telltale, is to be released later this year, however an exact date has yet to be confirmed by the company. The Wolf Among Us be released on home consoles XBox 360, XBox One, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4.

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theshredded1555d ago

Meh their games aren't my cup of tea however I do like Quantic Dreams games

user14394141555d ago

The Walking Dead was an amazing game. I am yet to play The Wolf Among Us yet. :)

BadlyPackedKeebab1555d ago

Glad I waited on this one. Ps4 purchase for sure. At around the 20 quid ...

bub161555d ago

Old news. They posted this months ago on their Facebook page

dead_pixels1555d ago

The retail version was listed by retailers in May, however this is the first time Telltale has confirmed the collection's release.

bub161555d ago

Not quite sure what you mean but they posted retail game covers conforming walking dead 1 and 2 and the wolf among us on all platforms back in may, check their Facebook page

generalthadeape1555d ago

Bought the first episode on Xbox 360-- been wating for it to hit the Xbox One-- getting this one for sure!

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