Andrew House: PS4's first full year will show 'where things are really going'

Sony Computer Entertainment head Andrew House talked about the system in which they are comparing the overall success of the PS4 against.

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BullyMangler1554d ago

Sony, in it for the sales.

Nintendo, in it for the games.

sonic9891554d ago

Past generations say otherwise buddy you must have just started gaming to not figure it out .
on a more serious note : i know that they will announce the games that i want ( quality platfomers and a wide variety of game experiences like Rime which reminds me ICO so excited ) .
Sony will address these issues in the near future and if history repeats it self PS4 shall take off strongly starting 2015 .

xHeavYx1554d ago

That's the saddest attempt at trolling I've ever seen

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1554d ago

I love how people want to act like PS1, PS2, and PS3 never happened. Every gen Sony brings the exclusives in both quality and quantity.

Timesplitter141554d ago

I currently am not interested in any of the next gen consoles, but last E3 did sway me towards the Nintendo persuasion

ABizzel11554d ago

I don't think you should be swayed at all currently, and certainly until Gamescom and TGS are over. I have the Wii U and PS4, and while I enjoy there simply isn't enough to really sell any of the consoles.

You should wait until the holiday, and if there's a great deal on one of the consoles pick it up. Otherwise wait until E3 next then make your decision.

DeadRabbits1554d ago

And if Nintendo don't start selling we will be playing those Mario Games on the PS4!

Timesplitter141554d ago

With the Wii being the best selling past-gen console and the 3ds selling like crazy, Nintendo is nowhere near the point of becoming a software-only developper

ABizzel11554d ago

Nintendo has nothing to worry about for the most part. They are not going bankrupt from one console failure if the Wii U turns out to be a failure. Yes their sales have been on the decline for the last several generations, but the Wii was a huge success for them, and currently the Wii U is finally doing solid numbers each week and just barely trailing the XBO in sales.

The Wii U isn't going to be a huge success unless something drastic happens, but it's also not going to be a complete failure as long as they continue making great first party games.

MysticStrummer1554d ago

How much of that Wii money did Nintendo give you?

user74029311554d ago

facepalm, over 9000 times

MasterCornholio1554d ago

So 3rd party's don't count?

Because the last time I looked 3rd party's still made games and the Wii U lacks 3rd party support.

nucky641554d ago

if Nintendo was "in it for the games" they'd come out with some new IPs and not the same Mario, Zelda, smashbrothers...etc... rehash.

Timesplitter141554d ago

doesn't matter if they're rehashes. They're still great games

Master-H1554d ago

Sure, that's what the wii and the motion gaming bullshit was all about...Wii Sports is real gaming ladies and gentlemen!

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patrik231554d ago


Last gen:

UNCHARTED 2 metacritic 96
THE LAST OF US metacritic 95
LITTLE BIG PLANET metacritic 95

Higher rated than any x360 exclusive.

You think it will be different this gen?

Spotie1554d ago

He doesn't care about that. He's a Nintendo fanboy just looking to troll.

The variety of quality titles Sony has always been known for doesn't even exist in his eyes. Hell, Sony only exists as a thing to troll, to him.

I don't even know why he's here.

Ilovetheps41554d ago

He's a Nintendo fan not a Xbox fan.

But since you want to mention Metacritic scores, here are Nintendo's top 3:

Super Mario Galaxy- 97
Super Mario Galaxy 2- 97
Twilight Princess- 95

Death1554d ago


I can't believe you are still holding on to the notion that 1 or 2 points on metacritic is a huge differance in quality. Gears and Halo 3 at 94 are not lesser games because the critic average is 1 percent lower. Bioshock was a 96 on the 360 and a 94 on the PS3. Same with Mass Effect 2, 96 on the 360 and 94 on the PS3. This doesn't mean third party games were higer rated on the Xbox 360 does it?

AllAboutGaming1554d ago

Next stop: 20 million sold.

luis_spartano1554d ago

Sony said in another article that PS4 future is heavily connected with VR.

That future worries me.

MysticStrummer1554d ago

No need to even think about it until Morpheus is released, which won't be for a while yet. If Morpheus fails or has mediocre sales, I doubt it will impact PS4 much at all. If Morpheus does well I'm interested to see what can come of it, but I'm not expecting it to do well.

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