Creative Assembly Won’t Commit to Alien: Isolation VR ‘Until we can deliver the best experience’

VRFocus - The Creative Assembly showcasing Alien: Isolation as a virtual reality (VR) product was one of the highlights of last month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) for many. However, since then publisher SEGA has been very cagey about the possibility of Alien: Isolation launching as a VR title. Keen not to rule out the possibility, lead designer Gary Napper is very enthusiastic about the potential of Alien: Isolation in VR.

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Dannycr1607d ago

I rather have a good regular game than a butchered VR game. Take your time, there is no need to hurry.

TomahawkX1607d ago

yea they really don't need to worry about it until VR comes to market and everyone can get their hands on it which might be a year or several years off.

Army_of_Darkness1607d ago

The best experience can only happen if you commit first. Kinda like dating, if she knows you ain't committing then she ain't gonna give her all;-)

CaulkSlap1607d ago

I hope they make it Oculus compatible. It's really the perfect game for full VR immersion.

Vantage1607d ago

Uncreative Disassembly will not deliver the best experience. They've already proven that can't be trusted. The way they lied about Rome 2 is unforgivable.