Destiny Beta on PS4/PS3 Exact Timing Revealed, Will Begin Tomorrow At 10:00AM PST, Not Midnight

Here's a PSA for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 owners who are looking forward to playing Bungie's Destiny beta on July 17. Bungie has informed via their official blog that unlike the Alpha, Destiny beta will begins tomorrow at 10:00AM PST, and not midnight.

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Neonridr1556d ago

darn. 1PM EST, I will be at work. Was hoping to download it first thing when I woke up tomorrow and then I could play when I got home. Now I will need to download it when I get home.

Mikelarry1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

you can download it via the playstation app to your system while away from home someone on posted steps on how to do this

hope it helps

Thatguy-3101555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

That my friends is why I love my PS4 lol the Playstation app really is helpful and makes the experience a lot more smooth. I'm so psyched to hop back into the beta. Thank God for my afternoon shift.

Neonridr1555d ago

sweet. Thanks for the tips. Will definitely do that, I have the App but I didn't realize I could do that.

Iltapalanyymi1556d ago

me too bro. god dammit im excited.

XiSasukeUchiha1555d ago

Same man, I'm freaking excited!

Pinkdolphinyfg1555d ago

Lol Sasuke we all know you don't have a job.

Dirtnapstor1555d ago

Got teeth pulled. I'm pumped!

koston36471555d ago

WOW, you too? im in the same boat dude.
4 teeth pulled no work for next 4 days :)

Dirtnapstor1555d ago

Yup. Finally got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. I was pleasantly surprised with all the restrictions. Perfect timing!

mr2331556d ago

Those servers are going to be screaming for mercy at 10PT!

CannonB81556d ago

So, for the people in the UK, that means 6pm BST.
That sucks.

The Meerkat1555d ago

I'm at work until 6pm so I'm quite happy that I'll be getting to play it about the same time as everyone else.

BlackWolf121555d ago

Why does that suck? thats perfect for people who work day jobs. It starts at 3am in my country, I can't play it for 15 hours!

markyboy21811556d ago

what time is that in the uk??

DeadlyOreo1555d ago

5pm in the UK is ridiculous. I booked the day off work for this, I expected it sometime in the morning. By the time it has downloaded I'll have barely any play time.

Mr-Dude1555d ago

Well.. I live in Holland. The BETA starts 18.00 here...

Rock-Lee1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

10.00 PST = 18.00 GMT

Holland is GMT + 1, so BETA will be live 19.00 here.

forcefullpower1555d ago

LoL. I took off friday as I bet there be loads of issues on thursday 0lus I thought it might be aroun 18 to 20:00 release time

Willjames1555d ago Show
THC CELL1555d ago

U booked a day off work for a beta, they should sack u for sure, u no due to downloads and errors u might be lucky to get a stable game

Unreal011555d ago


They should sack him for booking a day off work? Haha, silly silly person.

Willjames, maybe get your facts right instead of offending him idiot. You can't download it yet idiot, and he didn't say they had to follow his schedule did he, the comment is implying that it is disappointing that the UK is getting a late time, compared to Americans who get it first thing in the morning. Stop acting like a big boy behind your computer screen.

Gazb8s1554d ago

It's 6pm in the uk :)

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CannonB81555d ago

It would've been 1700 GMT but because of British Summer Time, it's 1800.

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