Firefall has fixed its killer flaw in time for overdue launch

Dealspwn writes: "However, it also appears that Red 5 have finally corrected the one major flaw holding back their jet-boot enabled cooperative romp, which previously crippled the experience in a profoundly damaging way.

To explain, Firefall's economy is based almost entirely on crafting. Though you'll occasionally find a traditional loot drop, most enemies drop material resources that can be refined and assembled into new weapons, armour suits and components. This system was already a little tedious seeing as every item and even refinement process required lengthy wait times, seemingly designed to encourage users to pay real money instead, while the entire procedure was flow-breaking and overly complex. What could have worked well in an MMORPG felt totally out of place in a game billed as a shooter first and foremost."

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ATi_Elite1555d ago

With all the Destiny hype going around which is well deserved BUT people should know that Firefall is basically what Destiny is trying to do.

Red 5 is very close to their Beta players but they did take a while to add repair shops around the game to fix crafted weapons.

I love the weapon degradation feature, I love it I love it I love it as it makes the game a challenge and forces gamers to have multiple weapons and the gameplay becomes very dynamic when you go into combat and your gun BREAKS.

Firefall is fantastic and is basically Destiny but also has an eSPort PvP mode which is BRUTAL like old school Quake!

oh yeh and it has JETPACKS!!!