10 Playstation 3 Perks Under The Radar

Ten things you might overlook but really improve the Playstation 3 experience.

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tackleb0x5367d ago

#1: Ability to recieve a msg from a friend while playing a game.

#2: Having to quit the game and exit to the startup screen to read the msg and reply.


S A G A T5367d ago

I don't even need all of these "perks" -- it still rocks and I'm glad to have one in my office next to my 360! Let the gaming begin!

DEIx15x85367d ago

The 360 friends list can be accessed with one click, how is that hard when the PS3 has it in a submenu? The virtual PS1 & 2 memory cards are not a perk. If you have heard how they work you have to create cards that are still limited to the size constraints and then swap the cards before you load a game. If you don't have the proper one loaded when the game starts you have to go back to the main screen and swap them. That sounds like a waste and just doesn't make sense. They should have made the cards unlimited in size, didn't the PS2 hard drive allow basically unlimited storage?

Ugly American5367d ago (Edited 5367d ago )

10. Removeable faceplate

Okay, great. Where is the faceplate? And thought I love my Xbox 360 faceplates, they don't add a whole new level of anything to my gameplay. My PS3 is sitting here, and I wouldn't mind putting a new faceplate on it.

6. Auto-Complete Dynamic Dictionary

Great, but I still have to type like I am using a cellphone?! I thought the 360's little typing interface was lame, but when I signed up for the PS3 Network yesterday, it took WAY too long to have to type all of that crap in. I wish I would've had a USB Keyboard available.

7. Easiest Friends List Yet

This is, by far, the biggest load of crap, yet. Xbox 360, no matter where you are, hit the guide button and select friends... ANYWHERE. In a movie, in any game. I cannot believe that unless the game gives me the option to look at friends, I CANNOT look at my friends list unless I am in the menu. If I am wrong, somebody please tell me, because the PS3's take on the friends list is a step backwards.

I am severely underwhelmed by my PS3, and I really could care less about Linux.

bilal5367d ago

"Unlike the jet engine otherwise known as the XBOX 360"

haha ....

i didnt know that boeing also collaberated in making the 360

death monk5367d ago

Agreed that it can get loud, but it's unnoticeable unless you are playing without any sound. I don't play with the sound really loud and I can't hear my 360 over it unless I'm sitting there listening for it.

DJ5367d ago (Edited 5367d ago )

My friend Alex has a big sound system and we can still hear his 360 running. Loudest console ever. =P

death monk5364d ago

nope, I'm not kidding. I've been playing my 360 for nearly half a year and there were times I played without sound in order to not wake other residents of a house and yes, then I did hear it. Otherwise, I honestly don't notice it as I'm either playing music through the dashboard while playing games or playing games loud enough to not hear a thing. Plus nothing will ever be as loud as the Dreamcast's laser moving back and forth, hahaha. I love my Dreamcast though.

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The story is too old to be commented.