Firefox 3 is Nearly Ready to Ship, Mozilla Says

PC World: "Mozilla last week unveiled the second release candidate of Firefox 3.0 and said all of the issues that remain are on the server or site side, not in the application itself."

"Mozilla made the decision to go with another release candidate last week -- rejecting the option of shipping Firefox 3.0 as is, then following up with a bug-fix update later. Mozilla executives assured users that the additional RC would not delay the expected launch date, which has been set for mid-month"

BulletToothtony5585d ago

it's definitely the fastest browser i've ever used.. good job mozilla

Lord_Ash5584d ago

I’ve also noticed it doesn’t strain the system as much as Firefox 2 but not much as people are saying, maybe in the final version.

mperdomo5585d ago

firefox is simply the best web browser

strotee5585d ago

I am not at all a fan of the so-called "Awesome" bar.

I memorize a lot of links (sites I visit daily, which I refuse to bookmark) and I have to type them out rather than just hit the dropdown and select the site. In 2.0, they'd be saved until I closed the browser, that doesn't happen in 3.0. (e.g. I type "n" and "n4g.com" and "neowin.net" show up). I hope there's an extension that returns the dropdown to its original functionality.

Kakkoii5585d ago

Here you go :), Simple tweak to change it back.


Theres also an extension somewhere that does that to.

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ApocalypseShadow10h ago

Dang! Lol. Should have upgraded Sairento instead.