Box Art Revealed For NBA 2K15

2K Games revealed the box art for NBA 2K15 in a tweet earlier today. As announced in early May, Kevin Durant, who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, will be on the cover for NBA 2K15.

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Crossbones3653d ago

Butthurt your precious Lebron didn't win the MVP. Be real if Ibaka wasn't hurt Spurs wouldn't have made the Finals.

MrSwankSinatra3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I respect LeBron as a player, but I'm not a Lebron fan. In any case all this what if this or what if that crap is irrelevant. When it comes down to it the only thing that matters is who won and who has the ring and I'm sorry, but OKC got exposed. #DealWithIt

BTW I'm not a Spurs, Heat or Cavaliers fan, I'm a Boston fan. I'll fully admit my team is irrelevant at the moment instead of making excuses.

badboyz093653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

All that was set-up. The Clippers are worth over 5billion now after that whole incident. Before they worth under 1 billion.


user74029313653d ago

dont like sport games but cool boxart


NBA 2K15 Final Roster Update Released, No Injuries

With the 2014-15 NBA season officially in the books after the Golden State Warriors were crowned as NBA champions, 2K Sports has released the final roster for NBA 2K15. The update releases injured players to active status.


Xbox Live Deals with Gold June 2nd – June 8th

A new list of deals is available this week on Xbox Live for those who owns a Gold membership.

NBA 2K15, Monopoly Family Fun Pack, Assassin’s Creed DLCs, Dark Souls 2, FIFA 15 and Tekken 6 are some of the titles being on sale this week!

jackanderson19853332d ago

xbox one sales are pretty bad...though this site is missing the fact the metro's are on sale

3331d ago

NBA 2K15 roster update for the Turkish Euroleague Final Four

2K Games announced, to celebrate the Euroleague Final Four, a roster update for NBA 2K15.

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