Battlefield: Bad Company Trophy Secret exposed?

A member of the Gametrailers forum, rEeee, has come across something interesting while linking his EA account and his PSN account. He was able to see his stats online; which included a list of trophies, which can presumably be found in the game...

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Ben10545587d ago

22-28th depending where u live i fink,
antway there were medals and ribbons on the pc battlefield game 2142, and if you went on the site you can see them, but the fact that they called them trophy's when they are clearly ribbons might have something to do with ps trophy's

C_SoL5587d ago (Edited 5587d ago )

that In-Game XMB is coming out in the coming up weeks.

Also, I think Im going to buy this game....1st BATTLEFIELD I've played.....The only thing I hate about the game is the control scheme....other then that the game is fukin awesome....

Kleptic5586d ago

^^agreed...developers not allowing customizable controls for a shooter is the most frustrating thing about the genre for consoles imo...you get used to one game, then some other game has it completely different just to be different...feck that...let us decide what the hell buttons we want to fire, crouch, throw a grenade, etc...

and what the hell is with holding down L3 to sprint?...run_retarded.exe

everything else though is pretty good imo...excellent sound (really makes it feel like you are out in the middle of a gigantic battle)...the destructibility is decent, but it would have been much nicer for it to be entire physics based like Crysis or Far Cry 2...those 2 games wreck BC in that regard...

will be a great game worth looking into...I will wait on it though, only because of MGS4...that will pretty much eat my summer...

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resistance1005587d ago

Well if this turns out true, it supports the fact that IN-Game XMB is out in June

Ri0tSquad5587d ago

Yeah, I was just about to say that.

skynidas5587d ago

Well this is true, i was in the Battlefield website and saw the trophy thing, if you click on the trophies it appears the image of the trophy with the requirement...it would be good if someone that have a 360 and have played the battlefield demo, go to the website and see if the trophy thing is only for the ps3 version

skynidas5587d ago

Oh and the total number trophies is 42, just in case someone was wondering

Darkiewonder5587d ago

it'll have the same. it's not trophies anyways.

Darkiewonder5587d ago (Edited 5587d ago )

those 3 plus that hybrid that disagreed must feel like idiots now. thanks.

Nitrowolf25587d ago

you know what
is it possible that those are not trophies like we think they are
i mean they it could be like RSV1 and 2
they got metals ribbons and trophies
just saying we could be taking this the wrong way

skynidas5587d ago

Well, if this is also on the 360, then we are taking it the wrong way but if it is not we are not :=)