Microsoft Denies BluRay for Xbox360

Microsoft's Robbie Bach in an earlier interview today said:

"You have to look at how fundamentally compelling the difference is between a progressive scan DVD player and the picture that it can produce and what you get on a high-definition player. The reality is there is some difference, but most people look at it and say, "I am not going to pay extra for that.""

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iAmPS34644d ago

Xbox 360 official source of HD (sort of) video is NetFlix, good luck with that BOTS.

Hydrolex4644d ago

Ahahaha Want blu-ray ?

Veryangryxbot4643d ago (Edited 4643d ago )

Did I not say that 360 would never get a Blu Ray add on?
Are these bots stupid or what. These frikkin monkeys cant cope with reality. I predict 1 month from now we will hear another one of these "despite MS denying, we have found out that 360 is getting Blu Ray soon!" crap again.

Listen stupid monkeys. Blu Ray is the standard now and the only way to get a Blu Ray is to buy a PS3 or a seperate driver. END OF STORY.

Haha you-bought-a-360! Haha! The only way you will get to watch HD movies is by getting a product that they no longer produce called HD DVD. OWNED.

Dont worry though monkeys. According to bot logic,Digital downloads takin over by da end of 2008!

eagle214644d ago (Edited 4644d ago )

Robbie Bach: "most people worldwide see 360's on the shelf and say, I am not going to pay for that."

Keep it real in 2008. :)

etownone4644d ago

i guess we will see on monday if that rumor for blu-ray is true or not.

either way, i'm still waiting on e3, if MS doesn't annouced a blu-ray 360 sku by then, i'm getting a blu-ray player this xmas, and being that the ps3 is still the cheapest out there that is also future proof, it's the logical choice.

eagle214644d ago (Edited 4644d ago )

You will be very satisfied with your choice. Many options for your home entertainment setup. :)

BLaZiN PRopHeT4644d ago

actually sony said they will be releasing 100 bluray drives for PC's by this Xmas.

Veryangryxbot4643d ago

Didnt I say in the other comment that it would take 1 month and then another "OMG! 360 getting Blu Ray" shiat ass rumor pops up again?

Sounds familiar, dont it? Its exactly because wanna bes like you that these threads keep popping up. Guys like you are just braindead and in heavy denial. MS already denied Blu Ray drive a zillion times before. Today was no exception. They denied it again. And everytime they do so, it goes into your left ear and comes right out in your right ear and you will say: "well, Ill wait till E3 and Im sure by then they will announce it".

Denial pur sang. Doesnt matter what they say, the only thing you will hear is that 360 is getting Blu Ray.

Thats why we call you bots stupid, see.

Seraphim4644d ago

pretty hypocritical... HD vs Blu Ray they pull out the we should offer consumers choice. Now that Blu Ray wins they're all about DVD and Downloads are the future. Can you blame them though? They have a stake in downloadable rentals via XBL. Why offer a Blu Ray player that will make them little money when they can continue to push rentals via XBL as their main HD video source... either way I don't really care. I have a PS3, I have a 360, and I'll be damned if I ever pay for a downloadable rental via XBL. If I'm going to watch a movie I'll either catch it on HBO, Cinemax, etc or buy the Blu Ray for $20. I'm not overpaying a cable company or MS to rent a HD video...

Max Power4644d ago

you have to think of the price of a new HDD that only Microsoft can provide.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4644d ago

arent bluray movies 35 bucks? also doesnt XBL charge the same amount as apple TV for bluray?

etownone4644d ago

"I have a PS3, I have a 360, and I'll be damned if I ever pay for a downloadable rental via XBL. If I'm going to watch a movie I'll either catch it on HBO, Cinemax, etc or buy the Blu Ray for $20. I'm not overpaying a cable company or MS to rent a HD video... "

i guess i'm exactly the opposite. I'd rather rent a HD movie on LIVE or Direct TV, and when I get a blu-ray player, i'll be renting BR's at blockbuster.

i was never into buying dvd's, HD-DVD's and i seriously doubt start a new collection of BR's.

Seraphim4644d ago (Edited 4644d ago )

that's the thing... I'm not big on buying movies and there's very few in any given year I care about. So more often than not it's either a movie I'll buy for $20, or something I'll catch sometime down the road when it is on HBO, etc. I buy very few movies in any given year though. But why pay $7 to rent it when you can own it for $20? Personally I'd rather spend the extra money, watch it when I get around to watching it, and have it there to watch whenever I want to watch it. And when it does come to buying movies I normally won't buy them unless I can get them for $20. Walmart wants $30 or more for most Blu Ray movies, no thanks, some retailers want more, no thanks. I'll go to and if it's not $20 I won't buy it. Of course there is the exception from time to time when a movie is $20 on dvd and the Blu Ray is $23.95 @ If it's a movie I feel worthy of adding to my collection then I'll normally spend the extra $4 and get it. But more often than not unless it's $20 or less I'll pass. Also I spend way too much money on games annually to be running out and alos buying a bunch of movies. I have better things to buy or save for. Another is that imo Movies are rarely good enough to own... Also, w/ DVR a lot of times why bother buying? V for Vendetta has been on my DVR for probably a year now. Same as Batman although I will buy that at some point once it's released on Blu Ray in July; just not sure if i'm ready to drop $24 for it since I've only watched it twice in the year it's been on my DVR. Some movies I'll just keep on my DVR so I can watch them when I want and if I decide to buy them I'll wait till they're $15... Call me a cheap ass, whatever, the fact of the matter is that I don't see much reason to spend much money on movies. And again, I spend way too much on games annually.

sorry for the lump of a post...

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Hydrolex4644d ago

If they make a new console, it would be better.

Imagine Xbox 360 and its Blu-ray player gets 3 red ring of death ?

Do you know how much that costs microsoft?


wipeout20004644d ago

Are now saying "well the difference was never really that big, so we were just kidding around when we supported HD-DVD for about 3 years"

But watever, its to be expected since they have nothing to gain from supporting bluray

wallace10004643d ago

Did they really push HD-DVD? They backed it by providing the add-on, but wouldn't they have included an HD-DVD player in the 360 if they were pushing the format?

deeznuts4643d ago

wallace, these are the same people that left off the hard drive.

yes they suppored HD DVD. not just on xbox, but in general.

badz1494643d ago

they backed HD DVD claiming that they are committed to it because they think it's better than Bluray. but now when HD DVD is nothing but a dead format, they say;

"The reality is there is some difference, but most people look at it and say, "I am not going to pay extra for that.""

and yet they're providing 'HD' movies download service! what a nice way to spread to the world how excessively hypocrite you are M$! nicely done.

dan-boy4643d ago

but not til the next xbox is on the market around 2010. plus it will be a cheaper technology. microsoft have played things reasonably well. the dvd drive will hold out til the next-gen, and the new format(blu-ray) will be established, and cheaper to implement.

although, if they had put a hd-dvd drive in the 360, and supported the format more vigorously, then things mit have worked out differently.

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