More PlayStation 3's coming soon: Sony

Sony says more of its PlayStation 3 video game consoles are on the way after the initial shipment sold out on Friday, the first day it was available in North America.

"We are getting a second shipment next week, probably around the middle of next week," Matt Levitan , marketing and public relations manager for Sony Computer Entertainment of Canada, told CBC News Online on Friday. "We'll know by Monday or Tuesday when they will be available.

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calderra4444d ago

PS3 is also shipping in Spring 2006, all of its launch titles will run in full 1080p at 120fps...

Does it even have to be said anymore?

S A G A T4444d ago

I'd like to get at least two more systems before Christmas to put in the den and give one to my sister.

Marriot VP4444d ago

what about one for your yacht

gEaRs_Of_HaLo4444d ago

The Target in Newport News, Va isnt gettin any in until the spring of 2007. There was no news about gettin any in next week....

Maddens Raiders4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

about the Targets in The Hampton Roads area of Virginia, but here in TX everyone seems to be on top of things. I used to date a girl in NN and that's not such a "low-tech" place not to have systems 'til Spring, so it's just a little odd that you say they wouldn't have any until that time.

A/W I'm glad to be back in the Lone Star State, and I've had a day to visit my local Targets, CompUSA's, EBGames, BBuys and Circuit City's to pick everyone's brain. I make it a point to get to the bottom line (I have my ways) and came to a concensus after all of my PS3 hound doggin':

Every store manager I interviewed stated that they have a shipment coming within the next week with CompUSA getting the smallest out of the aforementioned. Now that could be two units, twelve, or twenty -- it just varies on the store, location, allocation, etc. A manager at Target that I've known personally for 5 years told me to be around the store early Friday after Thanksgiving and that following Saturday as well (wink, wink). Both she and the manager I talked to at Circuit City stated that they have two drops coming from Sony: 1.) coming via Fed Ex after Thanksgiving and 2.) coming 2 1/2 to 3 weeks into December; presumably the same way.

I've also got some other tidbits from the guy I've been buying games from for at least the last 4 or 5 years at EB as well, but I have to keep that info to myself just in case there's a shortage for any reason (sorry). My plan is to buy two more 60giggers. One for my home and one to take on the road. I dunno what I'll do with the 20g I already have, except to continue to play and maybe give it to my Mom & Dad for Christmas. You see, most of the hotels I stay in are wireless -- and unless you have the 60 you're screwed as far as updates, browsing etc., and I don't want to be on the short end of the stick for that.

So all in all -- I'd tell your people at that Target to get there act together, because other people in the country will be buying systems long before Spring 2007. That's simply uncivilized.

DixieNormS4443d ago

Dindn't your mom and dad buy you the 20gig version of the PS3? and now you are giving it back to them? What kind of sh!t. ............J/K