Over 29,000 PS3s on Ebay

That's 10% of the Launch Consoles!

Market Saturation? Yes Please!

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thats 2900 more chances to be disappointed for a chunk of change! c'mon people! it could almost play Gears Of War!

seriously though-
10% of all launch consoles. shame on you all.

videl4443d ago

take your gears of fack and put it in your ms ass!

power of Green 4443d ago

Sorry i have two on Ebay. 29,000! lol

power of Green 4443d ago

After the public finds out about the reality of PS3's Next-gen games ect i wont be able to sell them for $600. I might of wasted $1300 bucks.

HyperBear4443d ago

send me a message on XBL about it. LOL, thats if you have them. But yea, PS3 Just literally sucks. NO GOOD GAMES, LACK OF GAMES, CRAPPY GAMES, And thats what Sony just strayed of. Everything else is alright, like the internet and all the other added hardware and stuff, butreally, its a gaming console, without any good games. Thats not to say they wont eventually get a "killer app", most likely MGS4 and FF13 and KillZone 2/3. But yea, at this point in time, its not worth it, but id still like to try and get one. So PoGII, if you are serious about having 2 PS3's, then fire me a message on XBL about it, and we'll talk about it some more.

Islandkiwi4443d ago

I'm putting mine in the local classifieds over Thanksgiving weekend. I don't want to pay fees or face the perils of shipping it.

HaHa4443d ago

we alredy knew that you're stupid so you don't have to remind us ;)

mellowspaz4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

The market price for a ps3 on ebay dropped from about $2300 yesterday to $1200 today. I was looking around mid afternoon and saw around 8,000 systems for sale, now there's around 27,500 units for sale. Looks like there's too much supply and it's driving the profits down for ebayers. The people who preordered the sports bundle from Toys R Us for $1,000, they' probably make a lot less than they hoped for. I was planning on buying a bundle on Ebgames (for around 1k) to sell on ebay, but now it's not even worth the hassle.