Xbox One Games on Sale: COD: Ghosts $6, ACIV $10, BF4 $15 & More

COD: Ghosts, ACIV, BF4 and lots more are on sales right now for incredibly cheap.

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FamilyGuy2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

This can not be real O.o

CoD Ghost for $6 is INSANE...

I don't get it, what site is taking this promo code?
"Currently on sale at" and has no site.

Okay I found it I guess.

"$13 Off for New Registering Customers. Use promo code TREAT4U at checkout. Ends 7/16/2014."

How trustworthy is this rakuten site though? Never heard of it but the code is giving $13 off for new registrations.

shawnmelo2692d ago

very trustworthy actually, they are formally

hellothere19772692d ago

Beware of this site. I had credit card info stolen and charges placed all over the US. Three separate cards at three different times spanning 6 months.

There was a page of complaints on the forums with 200+ pages of complaints on the forums of slickdeals.

I stopped buying from them and removed my credit cards info from their databases. Have not had a fraudulent charge since then.

They denied everything.

MajorGecko2692d ago

+bubbles to hello there for the heads up

cleft52692d ago

This is a great sale if true. Hopefully we something similar on the PS4. Very impressive.

ThanatosDMC2691d ago

Check who submitted and approved this garbage on our sacred hang (n4g). Credit card info being stolen is bad for gamers and their family. Ban this garbage.

tbone5672691d ago

Just got ghost for 6 bucks. Good time to be an Xbox One gamer. So many deals.

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Magicite2691d ago

dirt cheap, almost like steam sale.

FamilyGuy2692d ago

How long has the site that's selling this been around? Even at the regular on sale price of $18.99 that's a really good deal. Makes it hard to believe.

It'd be nice to hear from someone that's actually purchased and received items from this site before.

GutZ312692d ago

rakuten is legit. It was, and I have ordered from both company names with great results.

Muzikguy2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

It is fake. Go to the site and it says used from $5.99 for Ghosts. That's not real. I didn't click farther. Nobody would sell for $5.99 they could easily make more than that. Not from me, but someone.

Edit: and saying $6 for Ghosts isn't even a guarantee so that right there isn't truthful

Doge2692d ago

Well, I did say to myself that I'm not picking Ghosts up until it's less than $10...

Master-H2692d ago

Trust's STILL not worth it, this is coming from someone who loves the franchise.

AutoCad2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Guys just a heads up this site was reported by many users to have credit card fraud problems,so buy at your own risk.

Pinkdolphinyfg2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Man i knew this was too good to be true good looking AutoCad because i was seriously about to pull out my credit card. Bubble up and like for you.

@gutz if you go on you can see people complaining about Fraud as recent as last month.

GutZ312692d ago

Thats from a year ago, and all of that was from a breach in security no longer effecting them.

hellothere19772692d ago

Funny, they denied any breach up to the time i removed my credit cards and cancelled my account.

Over 200 pages of a forum complaint thread and they issued a statement saying they had absolutely no breaches.

Had 3 cards compromised in a span of 6 months shopping with them. Cancelled my account with them and no longer shop on their site, and guess what, no breaches since then. Yes, for about a year now, i no longer get mysterious purchases from jackasses have way across the US from my location.

"No breach" my butt.

If you compromised a customer's financial info, admit it and fix it. The denial is what p*ssed me off.

MichaelTM882692d ago

This alone may be the reason I buy my first CoD game....

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