Halo The One Most Overrated Game of All Time

Rafael Gamboa. takes the Halo franchise to task by arguing it is "the most overrated and undeserving game series of all time". An entertaining and well informed profile that points out features he feels justify the criticism

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Silogon5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

I agree 100% with this. Halo is rubbish and the story is a yawner. Graphics are so so too. Halo has walked away with the cake because of money exchanging hands behind the scenes and that's that. Halo is average on all fronts and Haze proves that.

Both games play fundamentally the same and Haze and Halo 3 look almost dead on to each other. The story in both are laughable and the only thing setting them apart is Halo 3 has better online due to xbox live over psn service.

Haze gets 5's
Halo gets 10's

Same damn game (fundamentally)

Hydrolex5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

well, comes from a RICH company who can pay all the reviewers and ...

Gamespot gave Uncharted 8 and Halo 9.6. IMO, uncharted is the best looking game on console

I really have to wait for MGS4 reviews from Gamespot. If they give it anything under 9.6 ( Halo ), I'm gonna do something

DanB915849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

I hate haze not really because of gameplay but the glitches and the stupid maps.

The sad thing is really rhat R2 prob will be better than Halo 3 in terms of features and gameplay, but will not be highly rated as halo 3 just because of the name.

This isn't to say halo 3 is a bad game. I personally love it, but to say it's GOTY and be super hyped is way over the line

caffman5849d ago

I bet gamespot are bricking it right now after that threat

zane_78495849d ago

I agree with this article in principle, if not point to point with all it's reasoning for why it is overrated.

When a friend and I decided to give Halo 3 a chance, we played through the first level or two laughing hysterically. It was just so silly, and so many people seem to hold it in such high regard. I just don't get it. The gameplay was fine, nothing distinctive either way- just not worth a dime of the hype it gets.

omni_atlas5849d ago

And I still don't believe EDGE gave it a 10.

They also gave GTA IV a 10, and Metal Gear Solid 4 an 8. Unbelievable.

LaChance5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

You people are the most...I dont know... people on the internet.

MSFT payed ALL the reviewers on planet earth for Halo 1 . 2 and 3 !!!

Moreover the first guys to post in this thread are all Sony diehards who swear that they'll never touch a MSFT console and openly claim you hate MSFT.

Funny its people who HATE MSFT and EVERYTHING they have put out in the gaming business (games etc) that agree and are the first to post !

I perssonally dont think Halo is the best game ever.I would give Halo 1 and 2 9/10 and Halo 3 is a very good game but not GREAT in any means.I'll give it a 8/10.But thats my opinion.

Haze got 5/10 simply because they tried to copy Halo but compared to halo its PURE crap.They failed miserably.

Sorry but even Playstation mags and sites said Haze is CRAP.I bet MSFT paid Playstation mags , OFFICIAL playstation mags and sites.Yep ; they all accepted money from MSFT.


Halo is a good game while HAZE is CRAP.

Saying MSFT has the whole gaming media in its pocket is just...its just...being a sad , frustrated , dissapointed sony diehard who just cant believe how this gen has rolled out.

I hope the mods dont delete my comment but sorry people Halo is a little overrated (GTA4 anyone ?) but in no means a bad game.

edit : I got 3 disagrees in 3 seconds lol ! I think Im the disagree record man on N4G.

BTW in case it wasnt clear: to me Halo 3 is overrated but comparing it to Haze is just being a bitter gamer (dont have to mention which console that gamer has)

Tomdc5849d ago

I think people are being a bit to harsh, Halo 1 and 2 were both good games. Both worthy of a 8/10 in my eyes. Halo 3 was a let down I believe since it failed to do anything new. It should have got a 7/10 (which is still a better than average score)

SJL4805849d ago

To be honest I remember playing Halo shortly after xbox was released
It was amazing at the time and still has replay value to me. Then 2
and 3 whored out the story for the multi player and sucked up the series
I thought halo 3 was very overrated but halo 1 was a masterpiece.

JokesOnYou5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

Well its a great game, that millions love to play and STILL continue to play online and it still outsells many ps3 exclusives that have been available for less time than Halo3.= If everything else is so much better why is that? Hey, have you ever noticed sony folks are quick to mention sales don't matter when speaking about Halo3 but they are the very same ones who like tossing around ps2 hardware sales and specific ps software sales. 'cough, hypocrites...errr I mean yeah thats fine. And once again a score of 10 doesn't mean perfection it means the reviewer thought it was one of the very best games, considering all the features packed in Halo3 and all the fun I've had online with friends and family I think so too. You don't have to agree but its not like sony folks have ANY creditability when it comes to Halo, I wonder why? (micro's most popular franchise, broke sales records, not on ps3= HALO IS SONY LOYALISTS SWORN ENEMY, its probably part of the pledge to join the SDF), I mean come on lets not act like we just started gaming yesterday, sony loyalists swore Halo3 sucked before the first screenshot was released. lmfao


InMyOpinion5849d ago

Over 8 million copies sold + most played game on Xbox Live = overrated?

Peow5849d ago

Well what else is there to play? =P Kidding, kidding. Sales aren't exactly what make a game great. People bought it out of hype. Many still liked it, fewer but still alot disliked it. Since BioShock, and I think Mass Effect aren't online. The only game to play online is Gears. Im only going by popularity though.

Not saying PS has more good games to play online >:P

Cd3112905849d ago

Because halo is better than haze in everyway.

Haze is absolute pure garbage and halo's graphics are MUCH better than haze's. The weapons are better in halo and so are the enemies, the veichles handle much better aswell!

lessthanmarcus5849d ago

Only haters out there are the ones that suck at Halo.

wallace10005849d ago

I sense a few bitter people in here. Try not to show you are a PS3 owner that is just spaming 360 news by saying MGS4 is better than the Halo games when MGS4 isn't even out yet. Play a game and see if you like it, don't listen to a reviewers opinion. Be your own person and make up your own opinion. The Halo games are fantastic in my opinion, and i am sure MGS4 is going to be great too.

wallace10005849d ago

Or be a winner like my disagree, spam news, don't make up your own opinion, and generally be a sheep and go by what everyone else is saying.

2cents5849d ago

Right, so by your logic i guess I can call you a d1ck.
When you get aroused all the blood rushes to your head, when you get excited you chuck up all over the place. And when your slapped about abit you shrivel up.

so your both very similar in many ways, you know,


Yoma5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )


CoD4 if the most played game over Live. Use the search function here and you'll be able to find it.


wallace10005849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

Well played cat with cones, well played.
@Yoma - i think he meant it was the most played game for a fair bit until it was passed by COD4. Either way it was and continues to be extremely popular.

I LOVE my xbox5849d ago

Halo is fun online, but other than that, I don't see how it justifies a 10 overall score. Graphics are alright and single player is mediocre. It's nothing special in my opinion. Just like Haze actually.