Why You Shouldn’t Expect A Console Version Of Elder Scrolls Online…Or Want One

Pixel Gate writes:

''The Elder Scrolls Online has been one of the oddest MMO’s to release in quite some time. From announcement to release, the development window was rather short, even more so given the apparent scope of the game. Given the promise of both a PC and PS4/Xbox One release, the short development cycle comes off as rather suspect. After a PC release, and a console delay, Elder Scrolls Online turned out to be a bit off a mess, a MMO failing on core mechanics. Elder Scrolls Online is limping along, failing to live up to the hype, or even stand side by side competition, is a console version even a viable option any more?''

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ArchangelMike1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I don't understand the article?! Firstly, as the author acknowledges, console versions of ESO are still in development. There has been no news that the PS4 and XbOne versions have been cancelled.

Secondly, ESO on PC is not F2P, and at present there is no indication from Bethesda that it will become F2P.

The author is making assumptions - they may be legimite, but they are still assumptions none-the-less. For all we know Bethesda may learn from the PC launch and adapt the game for consoles. If so ESO might well find a solid audience on consoles. Skyrim sold phemoninally well on consoles and you have that fanbase to entice into ESO.

I can't see Bethesda cancelling the console editions of ESO at this stage, too much money has already been invested into the development. The game might eventually be F2P, but I can bet it will come to consoles eventually.

GamerEuphoria1610d ago

It's never once claimed that ESO is free to idea where you got that from to be fair.

Not a assumption, it's a opinion, it's not like the points were presented as fact if you get what i mean?

I honestly don't see them every popping out a console version, it's like Conan all over again if you remember that wonderful time of 'it's coming' and it never did!

ArchangelMike1610d ago

Why are you getting so uptight about MY opinion?

You put out an article in order to generate discussion. If you can't handle the ensuing discussion you should stop posting articles? No?

The author concludes his article by using the assumption that ESO will go F2P. Based on this assumption the author does not see that a console version of ESO will be viable.

However, ESO is not F2P, so the authors conclusion, which is based on an assumption (that ESO will eventually become F2P) is just that - an assumption.

Moreover, the authors assumption does not include the possibility of ESO being released for consoles as a F2P model. The author assumes that ESO will become F2P on PC, but will still require a subscription fee for consoles. Again an assumption that does not make logical sense.

So my comments are not baseless. But if the author is entitle to their opinion, then I certainly am entittled to mine - without you getting uptight about it! No?

16bitNutritionist1610d ago

Stop writing articles as you obviously can't handle people criticising you're work.

Bigpappy1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Good comment. I agree with you. The assumption that it will not come to consoles is very premature and baseless.

GamerEuphoria1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

So baseless the article states possible reasons and possible situations? come on now

16bitNutritionist1610d ago

@GamerEuphoria:Stop writing articles as you obviously can't handle people criticising you're work.

bez871610d ago

Well you didn't read it and neither did the people who agree with you. They never said it was a free to play, I know you didn't read it all because before he even mentions f2p he has a whole paragraph about how it's full retail plus subscription and that he doesn't believe console gamers will buy into that, the whole section on free to play is about other games which started out as subscription and then turned into f2p games, his whole take on not being a console version is because of how poorly the game is on PC, plus it isn't Bethesda game, it's made by ZeniMax, bethesda just allowed them to use the elders scroll name. the article is just there concern over how bad the game is on PC, that he is just thinking they may have to rethink the console version's, as they have been delayed anyway and no word as of yet what's happening, PC was the place that would tell them if it was going to work or not.

ArchangelMike1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Bez - see my reply above to Gamer Euphoria.

I did read the article. I am simply challenging the author's view that for consoles ESO - "does not seem like a legitimate option anymore and should no longer be expected." That statement is illogical based on the arguments that the author presented.

As I stated in my original post Bethesda/Zenimax will be looking to get a return on their investment. If they release a console version, no matter how bad, then they will be able to recoup some of their investment. Furthermore there is a market on consoles for an MMO/RPG like ESO. The install base from Skyrim was huge. That translates into potential sales for ESO.

The authors siting of other games that have gone F2P does not include any that was cross platform to consoles. For example Sony have provided stats to show that all the F2P games on PS4 continue to be profitable - DCUO, Warframe and Blacklight. The console market is a slightly different market than the PC market. So ESO on consoles is not doomed (as the author claims), but could succeed with a F2P model. The author did not consoder this a possibility for consoles though!

The author assumes that ESO will become F2P on PC, but will still have a subscription model for consoles. This is an assumption that does not make any logical sense!

I agree that Bethesda/Zenimax have to rethink their model for the console market, but the author doesn't leave room for the fact that ESO could be F2P on consoles. He simple reaches a conclusion that ESO will be subscription based on consoles, and therefore is doomed and will not be released at all!

C'mon man even you can see that those assumptions are far fetched!

DanteVFenris6661610d ago

F2p=dead. For people who don't understand sub games. The money goes into paying employees who constantly add new content and improvements. F2p= cash shop and more things to pay for

Codewow1610d ago

Are you saying that F2P is dead or is a bad idea? Because, as far as I see it, F2P is a growing market than a lot of games are going to try to profit off of if there aren't regulations put in place.

wsoutlaw871609d ago

I think you are letting your high hopes for the game make you believe this game is actually going to be "fixed" or improved when it comes out on consoles. Thats fair, everyone does it and we all wanted this to be good but they just made so many bad and strange decisions on this game.

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ATi_Elite1610d ago

Kinda hard to find TESO player count numbers of active player accounts.

350k to 500k Players and a MMO can survive, on life support but survive.

actually I know no one who plays it. I know people who play FTL, Maple Story, and NeverWinter but not TESO. Bummer

the Console version will only arrive if PC version provides the necessary funds to keep a console version development time well funded.

I don't see MS/Sony/AMD/Nvidia putting up dollars for TESO!

_LarZen_1610d ago

That's strange...I have a few friends that activly play ESO and they are enjoying the hell out of it. They just got new content to explore also.....

I have tested it on PC and I found it to be a nice MMORPG. Sure it had some bugs and it need's some polishing. Everything as expected in other words. A MMORPG is never finished and ESO as it was when I tested it was just fine.

I am waiting for the PS4 version and I hope it has gotten enough love from the developers to make it a superb MMORPG experience on a console.

Summons751610d ago

Except the co sole version is releasing later this year... This article is pretty stupid.

GamerEuphoria1610d ago


That's what they said about Huxley and Conan. Sure is a lot of screenshots, gameplay videos and aplha/beta for that 'co sole' version huh?

_LarZen_1610d ago

You do know that as a article writer and with a comment like that you just stand even more out as a butthurt Skyrim fanboy that got a MMORPG instead of a RPG?

GamerEuphoria1610d ago

@lazern, that makes no sense, at all. Not even in the slightest.

16bitNutritionist1610d ago

Yes it does make sense, you really need to stop as you are actually no good at writing articles or communicating with the community that has opinions on you're articles, writing bad articles is one thing and can sometimes be forgiven but the way you handle comments is just pure douchery.....

Summons751610d ago

Have you even played the game? General consensus in the community is really good and there are very friendly people playing for have been ES fans since long before Skyrim. The console version is on track unlike the other two games you just mentioned which were awful to begin with.

For someone who writes articles and is over cocky you sure know little about what your writing about and it shows in your writing. So you be an a** to people you disagree with but the fact remains you're wrong.

liquidhalos1609d ago

You know you're pathetic right? I've never seen anyone hang around to defend their poorly written blog opinion piece as much as you have. Put your ego away and see your article for what it is. Pure speculation and bad journalism.

Like this website - NO
Story quality - WTF

Everyone vote. We need to get hacks like this off of our News site and down voting piss poor sites like this is the only way to do it.

liquidhalos1609d ago

Seriously? Now your sending out private messages to defend your site? Look at the ratio of people patting on your back compared to those calling you a hack. The consensus is, that they don't like your article.

Instead of blindly defending this rubbish, read it again, except this time try to actually comprehend what you are reading. I'm pretty sure that once you exercise your right to comprehension you too will come to the same conclusion. This article is rubbish.

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