Rumor: Microsoft to "Upstage" Apple WWDC With Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Announcement

Gizmondo writes: "Microsoft's on-again, off-again relationship with an Xbox 360 Blu-Ray drive looks set to be on again this Monday. As you all know by now, Monday marks the beginning of Apple's annual WWDC, and a little bird told us something is going to be announced by Steve Jobs there during his keynote. Microsoft doesn't care; a tipster told CrunchGear it's going to "upstage" Jobs, Apple and the entire known tech-using world by announcing an Xbox 360 with Blu-Ray drive one hour before the beginning of the conference."

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PoSTedUP4796d ago

lol, yea ok. sonys not gonna give them their pearl. lol they will be losing money big time pricing it below the current elite. give me a break people. do you guys get a kick out of this or what?

Veryangryxbot4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

Because the 360 Blu Ray drive rumor just wont die, just like MGS4 for the 360 rumor lol.

And just 4 more days and we will be able to enjoy MGS4 and even now, xbots living in denial lol.

And what happened to all the "digital downloads will take over by the end of 2008" now huh bots! Haha dont you people look stupid.

Now what stupid bots, didnt you say digital download will take over by the end of 2008?

So now you all want blu ray flip flop flip flop stupid bots.

And here is the kicker:
Didnt MS consistently denied that 360 would ever get a Blu Ray for a zillion times already? Why do these bots still think they are getting a blu ray drive after all the that?

Are bots simply just stupid people or what?

LOL I gotta tell you all, everytime I see a 360 getting Blu Ray drive thread, I smell desperation and xbot patheticness all over the place.

Holy shiat xbots are pathetic.
Unable to accept reality or what.

BLUR1114795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

PS3 is the superior hardware?... its got blu ray thats about it. and its got the cell which deVelopers are not really getting to know how to fully use it yet but 360 is faster. its got more amount of ram. soo by the end of the day microsoft wins just cuz the software alone and if Killer Instinct 3 is coming than its all over. thankfully the ps3 does make it out of the hole since was release is just cause of mgs4 and killzone2. everything must loose a fight even sony. N4G WONT SAVE IT

MK_Red4796d ago

The big question is this:
Will a Blu-ray drive on 360 (If such thing exists) be used for games or just for movies (Like HD-DVD before it)?

MrWonderful4796d ago

i would hope its for movies only because alot of people would be pissed if they had to upgrade their 360s to play games only on bluray.

Gorgon4796d ago

Just for movies. You obviously can't alienate everyone that doesn't buy another disc drive. Thats why these are consoles, not PCs that need upgrades to be abble to play games. Every SKU needs to be abble to play games. Making a blu-ray a necessity for games is the same thing as forcing everyone to buy an HDD to play games.

Jinxstar4796d ago

Well it would help and make games like GTA5 and LA Noire possible on the 360 but they would be going back on their word to the 360 community... Not that they wouldn't do that but still. At that point why not just buy a PS3... Pro's and Con's all over the place MK. Either way I hope the 360 community (Myself included) would get a good deal at least. It would extend the life cycle and other things instead of having to buy a whole new system... I guess they could get around it buy saying "It's not a Xbox 360 game. its a Xbox BR game" Kinda like a Sega CD... We all know how that went over though...

Kaneda4796d ago

they can name xbox 540.. :) with full backward compability.. and xbox fans will upgrade..

sonarus4796d ago

Not sure if they can use it for games. MSoft has continuallys aid Bluray is unnecessary and it isn't taking off and bla bla. Nice to see they see the future is blu

MK_Red4796d ago

It would indeed piss a lot of people if they use Blu-ray drive for games and as Jinxstar said, Pros and cons are all over the place.

Another important question is this:
Will it be a stand-alone Blu-ray drive (Like HD-DVD one) or a new model of 360 with built-in Blu-ray drive?

sonarus4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

If its just for movies, it would make more sense to make it an add on but they could do both as well. But it sounds like a blu ray 360 and not an add on

omni_atlas4796d ago

Thats how M$ makes money. You'll have to buy a new blu-ray disc drive to play all the new games. A big FU to their userbase.

MikeGdaGod4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

there's no way a bluray 360 would upstage a 3g iPhone.

only people that would care would be 360 fanboys that refuse to buy a ps3. to anyone else, it wouldn't be a big deal. just more of MS following the leader with the 360 (HDMI, motion controlers, and now bluray).i don't mean to be an @sshole but i really think they should be concentrating on just making it durable instead of "keeping up with the Jones's".

even with bluray, there's no way i would buy another 360 anytime soon. the hardware is already suspect as it is and this is just another part that could fail. i've lost all confidence in any "new" 360 hardware.

i've been waiting on the new iPhone ever since the first one was released. i knew they'd release one with more memory, better camera and on the 3g network so i decided to wait. that's the announcement i'm waiting for. day one purchase for me. i was talking to my mother the other day and even she's excited about the new iPhone because she wanted the first one but i made her wait knowing a better one was on the way. so this will be a day one purchase for us both i think.

EDIT: i doubt MS would allow the bluray drive to be used for games. that would be very foolish.

travelguy2k4796d ago

they would have to start sending out new blu-ray 360's instead when a 360 inevitably red rings on you. If they did that then i think they could actually pull it off without to much complaining on the 360 fanbases part.

PimpHandHappy4796d ago

they couldnt use it for games unless they want everyone to know Sony has it built in and it has the games that use it

ScentlessApprentice74796d ago

You're right man. Microsoft totally badmouths something when Sony introduces something that seems as a unique advantage to them. Then they copy what Sony does.

Microsoft totally disregarded HDMI before the PS3 came out, saying its irrelevant and no one will use them. Then they but their foot in their mouth by releasing a whole new SKU (360 Elite)

They talk bad about the Sixaxis, saying motion controllers are not relevant. Now it seems they are putting their foot in their mouths again with rumors of a 360 Motion controller.

Now, yet again, Microsoft totally badmouthed blu-ray. Saying blu-ray software won't catch on and "9gb's is enough for any game". Now it seems they are going to shove their foot in their big mouth YET AGAIN by releasing a 360 blu-ray drive, even if its just for movies.

This seriously validates the assumption that Sony is a leader and Microsoft is nothing but a follower...with a big mouth.

Statix4795d ago

Obviously, just movies.

godofthunder104795d ago

i'm not bias and i'm not takeing up for any console but ScentlessApprentice7 had some facts wrong.

1-he claimed that sony is the leader and microsoft is the follower because he claimed that they coppied the motion controller from sony.the fact is that the motion controller been been out for a few years for computers before the ps3,360 and the wii was released.
if he's claiming that microsoft is the follower and sony is the leader for useing the motion controller on consoles,then he's right in a way,but instead of sony being the leader and micro the follower,it's nintendo the leader and microsoft and sony are both followers.

2-microsoft is the first one to be on line so people could play each other over the net.

3-sony,microsoft,nintendo and arti all coppied off telivision because that was the first home video gameing system every made.

the truth is that every company coppy off each other.i don't care who it,micr,and wii all copy something off each other so to claim that micro or any other company is a leader is wrong because neither one is able to call their selfs the leader because like i said before they all coppy off each other.

i'm not trying to take up for the 360,what i posted here is facts and anyone can check up on it if they want.

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lunchboy4796d ago

sony would never let them do this!

travelguy2k4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

It will raise the cost of the 360 making the PS3 an even better value and Sony (through the BDA) would profit from every 360 sold. Also they will profit from all the movies sold as 360 owners have been proven buyers of media. Lastly it will put even more Blu-Ray players in homes and make it seem even more permanent by the general public.

Jinxstar4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

Sony would be able to claim a cut off every game the 360 produces. They would do it in a heart beat. It would also basically ensure BR's future.

sonarus4796d ago

Yea sony makes money off every 360 so it works either way for sony plus it gives blu ray more of an edge leading to more blu ray discs sold again more money for sony.

The key factor though would be how much they enter into the market for. Sony would need to drop price to make the PS3 still the more viable blu ray option

Nathaniel_Drake4796d ago

Not to mention Sony's movie distribution companies will now have a wider audience to sell, as 360 owners are going to buy those movies

Also whenever they come out with Blu-ray television shows, Sony again will profit from a big array with their television studios, like one of them I am waiting for is King of Queens for Blu-ray

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Blademask4796d ago

Ever upstaged anyone? Especially Apple.

LJWooly4796d ago

Exactly, and being rather late to add a feature like Blu-Ray, which they won't be able to fully take advantage of anyway, isn't going to change that.

DaddyDC6504796d ago

I'd buy 1 as soon as it is available. I already have a PS3 and Wii. I would have a 360 by now if it was more reliable. I'm guessing the Blu-Ray model will also come with a 65nm CPU and GPU?