Why No Man’s Sky is the First ‘Real’ Next-Gen Game

‘Next-gen’ should be about more than just graphics, and No Man’s Sky appears to be the first game of this generation to understand that.

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JBSleek2869d ago

Very excited for this game!!!

Magicite2868d ago

First ‘Real’ Next-Gen Indie Game. Fixed.
But yeah, so far it looks incredibly impressive.

Kryptonite42O2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I think the title was fine the way it was.. Indie or not, it's doing something new and 'next gen'. Its not just the same familiar format with updated graphics.
So to say its the first 'Real' next-gen game is completely accurate regardless of studio/developer imo.

THC CELL2869d ago

Even though this game looks amazing, Killzone or infamous second son are the first next Gen console games.

JBSleek2869d ago

Why Killzone? It didn't do anything exciting outside of nice visuals.

bigbic2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Agreed, the owl was a cool new idea for a first person shooter. Killzone SF was a fun game, but lacked good story. Which is ironically what many people use as the downside of it, then many claim story isn't important for games on other articles.


come on really... the Owel made killzone next gen?

you telling me you think the Owel could not have been done on the ps3?

Killzone was cool and definitely has some of the best next gen visuals but outside of that, just like nearly every other "next gen" game so far, it was not doing much else.

If we take the visual aspect out of "next gen" I don't think there is much any game has done so far.

Games that truly strike me as next gen Wither3 and this game.

ThanatosDMC2868d ago

There's No Man's Sky and then they're gonna release a gimped PS4 version of Minecraft saying it's because of save file size excuse. I call BS and blame parity clause from MS.

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FamilyGuy2868d ago

"Why No Man’s Sky is the First ‘Real’ Next-Gen Game"

It's not even out yet, how can they even claim it to be "the first" in any regard anyways?

solidsheep2868d ago

The title is a slap to the face to a lot of good games that have come out or coming out soon.

We have seen very little of this game and we should be a bit more tame or I think a lot of you will be disappointed.

Listening to the dev reminds me a lot of Peter Molyneux. Great ideas, but lets see how it is implemented.

a08andan2868d ago

"The first" is not necessarily a reference to when it comes out. It is probably the first game that meets his criteria for being "next gen". Can't wait to try this out! I am worried it won't feature enough meaningful gameplay!

BitbyDeath2868d ago

I'd give it to Driveclub, I'm not the biggest racing fan but the level of detail that game is going to is simply insane.

3-4-52867d ago

Killzone & Second Son were about as Last gen and generic as it gets, aside from the visuals.

No Man's Sky...the idea...the Next gen, and I hope they can pull it off.

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Muzikguy2868d ago

I'm excited for this game like many others. Something different, although these indies have been that way too

GeofferyPeterson2868d ago

Can't wait to fly my huge bratwurst shaped spaceship, into your planets giant alien beaver hole.

medman2868d ago

I thought Geoff Peterson favored men not the ladies. In fact, I'm sure of it. You're no Geoff Peterson.

GeofferyPeterson2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I never said which hole or what sex of beaver. Here Come Tha Playas!

isarai2868d ago

I REALLY hate the term, it's just so damn shallow. Actually the first "Next Gen Game"s were the ones the consoles launch with. A new gen doesn't mean every game from then on has to be drastically different, i really wish more people would just talk about fun. Seriously when was the last time anything about gaming was about fun and not about resolutions, framerates, map size, texture detail, bleeding edge tech etc. etc.

Seriously how about we evaluate what makes games fun, lets pick about the aspects that make a game satisfying like risk vs reward, or how about clever level design, seriously just sick of the super shallow view the masses have on games, makes me ashamed to be part of the gaming community sometimes.

And yes, No Man's Sky looks like the game of my dreams, day 1 for me


Isn't that what makes No mans sky so special.

The reason we end up talking about resolution and frame rate so much is because so far that is all "next gen" power has really been used for.

So far it's basically been the same old games from last gen just with better resolution and frame rate.. so what else is there to talk about?

We all want to play fun games. the other day I had loads of fun playing an arcade MK2. It was awesome!

No mans sky is not the best looking game and up till now I don't think I have really heard people talking a lot about it's frame rate or resolution because it's actually the gameplay that is pushing the next gen part.. .not it's graphics.

I think we all want more of that.

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