Flashpoint: Sony Style in Boston -- Things go wrong

From Joystiq: "Issues at the Sony Style store came to a head this morning as hundreds of people charged inside Boston's Copley Mall when it opened at 6AM. Following last nights storm outside from the rain and among the crowd, we warned that things would go wrong. The Boston Globe wrote up a report regarding this mornings incident. We wish we had something profound to say here, but thankfully it was dramatic, rather than tragic, like in other locations around the country. Witnesses said of the 50 units that were supposedly available, in the end there were only 20. Another video shows the scene from the other side of the gate after the break."

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Mikey_Gee4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

We did the same type of run-in her in Canada (Ottawa) at the sony store without an issue.

Actually worked out well, I was a bit worried but all was fine.

And we only had "4"

peksi4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

..and motivation to stand in the rain over night for a GAMES CONSOLE...
Is this world just too good a place for us? I feel little or no sympathy for those folks. Police should have called the army to forcibly draft those people to fight for Bush in Iraq ;)

Ravenator5294450d ago

You know what is sad? This is the type of bullsh1t that people like Jack Thompson feed off of!

Another punch in the gut to the gaming industry, thanks to Sony!

peksi4449d ago

This has little to do with Sony, it could be any piece of hardware that is popular. It's about stupid people fighting over a piece of hardware they could get anyway in a few weeks.

You can't expect a worldwide company to arrange the enduser sales and security. Of course they could have delayed the publication a few months to satisfy all demand but what kind of negative that would that have made? Next version update should come in co-operation with the army ;)