mistertwoturbo5592d ago

No Bill Gates, no 360 version.

There are people that still need to get that through their heads.

4 Friggin days left.

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Silogon5593d ago

Kaz and Kojima are pretty good friends from what I gather, as was Kojima and Kutaragi.

TheForgotten0ne5593d ago

Kojima Looks like a pimp!

He got style

ChanDangle5592d ago

Why are you talking about Kaz and Kojima I wanna see more of the female in the beginning and end.

jkhan5592d ago

Why no translation or subtitles?:(
The graphics looks amazing:P

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One Last Smoke - The significance of Snake's cigarettes in Metal Gear Solid 4

An article looking at the symbolic meaning behind the cigarettes in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

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Hideo Kojima laments that Metal Gear Solid 4's digital battlefield 'is no longer science fiction'

Game creator Hideo Kojima is and probably will always be best-known for his creation and stewardship of the Metal Gear series at Konami, which since his departure has been more-or-less on permanent hiatus (don't mention Survive). In his almost three decades these games evolved to the point where they predicted certain problems of the information age (MGS 2), took aim at contemporary topics like Guantanamo Bay (MGS: Ground Zeroes), and ended on a profound sense of sadness about our species' inability to break the cycles of global conflict (MGS V).

It's not clear what sparked this reflection, but Kojima's been thinking about Metal Gear Solid 4, an entry that was (and unfortunately still remains) a PlayStation 3 exclusive. In that entry the player controls an aged Solid Snake in the year 2014, caught up in a civil war being fought between Private Military Companies (PMCs).

Dirty_Lemons150d ago

That was a great fucking game/ movie.

DarXyde150d ago

To this day, it's one of those games where I refuse to skip the cutscenes, no matter how many playthroughs I've done.

But if you ask me...MGS2 was bloody prophetic and has aged like fine wine. That game was blasted as the weakest entry, and yet it's so enduring. I replayed it some time last year and it was remarkable.