UCF Student Robbed Of PlayStation 3 After 50-Hour Wait

Three brothers were robbed after they finally got their hands on a PlayStation 3. The new gaming console went on sale Friday and you had to be either lucky or ruthless to get one.

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The_Firestarter4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

...need to get shot in the face with a shotgun! Either that or get caught, go to jail, and get gang banged. Nothing makes me more angry than BS like this. It's not that I care since it's a PS3, just the fact that these people saved their HARD EARNED MONEY to get this and wait in line only to have some PUNK-ASS steal it! I really think Dane Cook needs to uppercut that punk-ass at a party. Having him land on a table of fruit punch. :P

Marriot VP4443d ago

and what's in his hands???

FadeToBlack4442d ago (Edited 4442d ago )

I could swear that was the best controller ever in his hands?!? ;)

Playing a little gears??

Lex Luthor4442d ago

Damn that's cold. If i was waiting in line for a PS3 i would hide a kitchen knife down my pants.

f1r3waII K1LL3r4442d ago

I wonder if the Wii launch will be this bad

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