VGChartz's NPD May Preview (NPD release to come June 12 at 6:30 PM EST)

Jacob Mazel of VGChartz writes: "NPD will report on videogame sales in the USA for the four weeks ending May 31, 2008 on June 12th at about 6:30 pm EST. The period covers all but the first few days of Grand Theft Auto IV & Mario Kart Wii sales, as well as the launch of Wii Fit. For the four weeks ending May 3, 2008, NPD reported USA sales were driven by Wii and DS on the hardware side, while PS3 and Xbox 360 remained under 200,000 units for the month, despite the sales of Grand Theft Auto IV at the end of the period. Most of the dialogue for May will rightly focus on whether or not Grand Theft Auto IV pushed Xbox 360 and/or PS3 over 200,000 in a four week month, and the type of numbers Wii and Wii Fit put up for the month.

For May Vgchartz expects NPD to report:

-Xbox 360 outsold PS3 slightly for the month. Both sold about 200,000 units for the month.
-Wii sales remain over 700,000 for the month.
-Grand Theft Auto IV sold another 1+ million units on Xbox 360, and another 500,000+ units on PS3. Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit also sold over 500,000 units for the month.
-Nintendo, Take Two, EA & Activision were the top publishers for the month. Each publisher had titles in the top ten for the month.


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sonarus4644d ago

NPD is out on thursday. I do actually believe that MSoft outsold 360(calm before the storm). But everytime VGchartz said ps3 won they were wrong and everytime 360 won they were wrong. So...yea VGChartz FTL

Fallen_Angel4644d ago

I predict that VGChartz number will be wrong and I've never been wrong with my predictions

Fallen_Angel4644d ago

wow 3 disagrees didnt think there was anyone dumb enough to believe vgchartz be guess I was wrong

Sev4643d ago

Even if 360 wins this month, PS3 sales will go through the roof with MGS4, and the new 80GB Bundle....

Silogon4644d ago

Do these numbers really mean anything? Do they help you all enjoy your games anymore? I can see it now, you're sitting down i front of your systems playing your games with big smiles on your faces; not because of the game you're playing but because the sales of the game you're playing!!!

Pretty lame if you ask me.

Tmac4644d ago

I'm not sure if anyone except the Xbox fanatics are going to be reading those NPD results.

gunnerforlife4644d ago

well probs be doing something else;)midnight here i come:D

timmyrulz4644d ago (Edited 4644d ago )

Would you be saying the same if the numbers showed ps3 selling more? No i dont think so either, in the previous months when these figures showed the ps3 with the higher numbers all that was posted on these threads was how the 360 is dead etc etc etc and now it shows the 360 selling better then all of a sudden its lame and its only the 360 fanatics will be readng? the double standards on here is rather amusing

badz1494644d ago

obviously, you didn't get the point of his comment, did you? ok, I'll give you a hint. 'June 12th' - does anything comes through your mind now? nice one over there Tmac!! \(^0^)/

The Killer4644d ago

then ps3 and 360 need a price cuts soon!!

TheMART4644d ago

Nop, they need more games to sell the hardware.

And MGS4 is not the one for PS3 to do so. As Konami said it themselves, this is a game for the fans. Those already bought a PS3. For new gamers to MGS4 the game isn't a system seller.

gunnerforlife4644d ago

no its not software because if GTA4 couldnt push ps3 and 360 above 200000 then they really need a price cut, but i guess will see what MGS4 does for the ps3 and yea i do believe it has the power 2 push consoles higher then halo 3

theKiller4644d ago (Edited 4644d ago )

@The Killer and @ Mart
both wrong!!

they need software and price cut!! GTA supposed to move a lot of hardware but failed and i think that because of hardware price and GTA is the only real good game from last gen that arrived and 1 is not enough as we learned from Halo 3!! they need more than just one!! and for ps3, MGS4 will help but i think for 1-2 months if they dont release another big games, if they do then the high sales will continue till september!! i price cut is needed in august or july for ps3!!


i personally waiting for a price drop for ps3

BubblesDAVERAGE4644d ago

This isnt Halo...this is an system seller...look at all the hype for the me brighter days are ahead for the ps3 because this year they are already on there way to beat the 360

AngryTypingGuy4644d ago

MGS4 certainly plays to a niche of fans, but the question is, how big is that niche? I'm guessing that a lot of people were holding off buying a PS3 until this game came out. It will be a system seller.

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shortax4644d ago (Edited 4644d ago )

it is like everyone skips over the first line and jumps straight into the 360 PS3 debate........ the wii sold 717000+ units that is like 300000 more units than the 360 and PS3 combined ...... dont get me wrong the only game I regularly play on the wii is MarioKart ONLINE, so I am not a big fan on ninty, but they are making sony and microsoft look like fools with a "last generation console." All I am saying is that it looks like the casual market seems to make more money than the hardcore market. I would not be surprised next gen if we see a lot "softer" consoles from sony & micro

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