Here’s How PlayStation, Xbox, Media Molecule and More Celebrate Germany’s World Cup Victory

Germany just won the soccer/football world cup against Argentina and game developers and publishers are joining in in the celebrations (whether they’re German or not) on social media, involving the brands and characters that you know and love.

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360ICE1612d ago

What a world cup. 0 - 0, yet an awesome final.

Majin-vegeta1612d ago

Arg was to dependant on Messi and that cost them the match.

360ICE1612d ago

I don't know. Higuain didn't perform, but Lavezzi and Aguero did. Also, Mascherano was probably even more important than Messi in the last two matches.

Germany was the better team, though. But it was exciting until the end.

XiSasukeUchiha1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Ok then......Go Germany, and Go football!

LackTrue4K1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

i always hit you with "off topic" bubbles...........

cuz you never have logic to what you say.
Other then reading a simple title.

@ dodgemoose....really????

not as much as your comment on "my"

@sunginmew...where was it negative? or positve???

its just his comments are as shallow a55 h3ll....

sunginmew1612d ago

so if someone say something negative or positive yall complain with no reason.

fantasygamer1612d ago

Congrats to Germany. Sackboy looks so cute the trophy is bigger than he is.

theshredded1612d ago

Hooray!Sackboy is such a badass

ovnipc1612d ago

Crongrats germany but Argentina deserved to win. Had more oportunity of goal. And a harder route to get to the final.

Sokol1612d ago

Deserved to win? They barely got passed the dutch team in lucky penalties..

Germany was a better team overall, messi is a phenomenal player but you can't rely on one guy to win world cup where teamwork matters more.

Either way, great game. Congras to Germany on 2014 world cup !

bloodybutcher1612d ago

Wrong. Game statistics- shots 10:10, shots on goal 7:2 for Germany.Posession 60%:40% for Germany. Corners 5:3 for Germany.

Volkama1612d ago

Don't forget goals! Germany got more of those too.

dodgemoose1609d ago

Whilst I disagree that Argentina deserved to win, I think regardless of the statistics you're listed above, Argentina had the better chances and could have easily won the match had they actually been able to finish them. Higuaín's miss is going to give him nightmares. Was also surprised when Messi missed his shot early in the second half, since that was the kind of goal he gets in with ease at Barcelona.

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The story is too old to be commented.