Rumored 'DmC: Devil May Cry' port reignites old animosities

A rumored Nex-Gen port of 'DmC: Devil May Cry' has reignited old animosities gamers have had one year after the games original release. Once again message boards and chat rooms are besieged with gamers fighting among each other over the games legacy of.

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stanr2697d ago

Gamers will never forgive Capcom for 'DmC: Devil May Cry' and it appears the legacy of the reboot has become a third rail in the gaming world.

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Darkstares2697d ago

The game was actually pretty fun and it got about a 85 on the Metacritic scale. The user Metacritic was only 5.1 but I have to wonder, how many of those that reviewed it actually played the game?

I think this is where the problem lies when gamers feel entitled and get way too involved with the behind the scenes. We see it every day here on N4G how this company doesn't care about us, why this game is terrible, what is wrong with the industry. We've become complainers and whiners instead of just going into playing a game with an open mind. Maybe if we did that we'd get back to enjoying this hobby. Instead some seem to enjoy being critics, argumentative, and downright negative all day on the forums.

spacedelete2696d ago

yeah all gamers do is whine and complain these days. yes sometimes they complain for good reasons like MS trying to con us with DRM or EA and they yearly microtranaction games with DLC but most of the other time gamers spend time complaining about a characters hair colour like they did with DmC.

it just makes me think all gamers like this and it just gives the people who actually have good complaints ignored because of some entitled keyboard warrior.

SINISTERGENESIS2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I agree the game was pretty fun... Too many people got twat hurt over this game and over- reacted just like they do today about the smallest of crap and it's not going to change because most people nowadays are self entitled asses. I liked how they showed how his hair was then turns into the white at the end, I liked the new attitude because the old one was corny as hell, etc etc. Face it games have been being downgraded and haven't had the same spark for awhile now but yet this game is like cancer in videogame form and it wasn't, it was a decent game. I remember seeing how many a$$holes on this site degrading others for liking it for any reason.

I love how people try to say if you like this game you're casual or a noob etc but the funny thing is all that's not even remotely true seeing how I ( others included) played, beat and loved all the originals when they first came out ( got em day 1 too) so how does that make me a noob or casual? How does that mean I helped pis so. The originals by buying this game?

What is fact is that people who jump on the bandwagon just because other morons do it are sheep plain and simple. People who attack others online especially for their preference are childish pu$$ies with no life. People who wish any game to fail is a child without a single mature trait about them. These are the people that have the most negative things to say about a decent game ( you can find some of them in this very thread) . Was the game everything I was hoping for? No. Was it downgraded like infamous:ss, gow ascension, KZ:SF, bf4 etc ? Yes ( I know not all are in he same genre but the point still stands) games for a long time now haven't had the same pop as the originals but hey that's life for ya!

itBourne2696d ago

I kind of feel bad for Ninjas Theory, they make fantastic games that dont sale. Heavenly sword was awesome, so was Enslaved. DMC I didn't play, I hear its good, but gosh damn that horrid Dante design. I hope the rumor is true about Heavenly Sword sequal, and I hope NT is working on it.

UltraNova2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I m not one to hold grudges but what they did to DMC was plain insulting... well then water under the bridge, well almost...

I would forgive them if the released a DMC collection complete with all 4 original games fully remastered in 1080p 60fps with trophy support and a full re-calibration of DMC to be more true to its roots a 'Fan Service' edition if you like at 1080p 60fps no less priced at 50 bucks max!

Now that will help heal some wounds Capcom!

XiSasukeUchiha2697d ago

DMC port to next gen will be from the two

A) Life Changing
B) Already/why make this!

Majin-vegeta2697d ago

Good I hope the fans really stick it to Scamcom&NT.You dont take an iconic game and proceed to dumb down it's game play just for a few extra bucks.I hope this game fails yet again.

stanr2697d ago

If this port is real, it's going to be a very stupid idea.

thejigisup2697d ago

Nah nah see.they are including a remake of the first four games, and giving it the new dmc styling.

admiralvic2697d ago

@ Thejigisup

I imagine that would go over much worse than simply porting DmC.

Blacktric2697d ago

"they are including a remake of the first four games, and giving it the new dmc styling."

As if they hadn't take a big dump on the legacy of Devil May Cry enough as it is with DmC...


Wishing any game is stupid and childish bud... Be better than that

Activemessiah2697d ago

We're still waiting for DMC5 to wash our taste off this.

nope1112697d ago