Battlefield: Hardline Coming to San Diego Comic-Con, Will Focus on Single-Player Mode

At Comic-Con you’ll learn more about Visceral Games’ unique take on first person shooter storytelling, and you’ll meet the ensemble cast and Hollywood talent helping to bring that story to life in game.

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spaceg0st2629d ago

Dear future battlefield titles.. (maybe except for bad company 3)... NOBODY buys your games for the single player experience. Quit wasting resources on mediocre single player campaigns. Instead.... focus all effort on multiplayer and making an awesome lineup of maps, then charge $40-$50 for the Multiplayer only game. You'll come across a hero. That is all

SilentNegotiator2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

But how can they show us heavily scripted segments with perfectly tweaked graphics without the SP?!

I still remember playing the first 20 minutes of the BF3 campaign before quitting. I was constantly trying to get into a position with a better shot and the game was all "WOAH! We didn't script this section to allow you to go there! Get back onto that tiny bridge with no cover! No, no, no! Get back to the other side of the parking lot! No, not there!"

dcj05242629d ago

Don't knock it till ya try it. Batttlefield 2:Modern combat had a great story, that was 9+ hours so the mainline story can also be good as it has back in 2005.

Matt6662628d ago

Wrong I always play the campaigns before I play the MP.

SuperBlunt2629d ago

I just bought bf4 for the ps4 today and aside from crashing only once (after the game cause I had the wrong netcode settings) this game is frigging incredible. 32 vs 32 is nuts

BattleReach2629d ago

I agree, but what does BF4 Multiplayer have to do with BFH Singleplayer?

SuperBlunt2629d ago

Its battlefield in general. I figured id post this testimony

Soldierone2629d ago

It only took 5-6 months to get to this point. Be grateful you just now bought it lol

ion6662629d ago

bf 4 hardline dlc.........meh -_-*

crazychris41242629d ago

For their sake I hope they dont screw up the launch like bf4. Bf4 still needs some work but its actually playable especially in the cte servers

daBUSHwhaka2629d ago

Bad move.Single player is a second thought when it comes to BF.With the negative feedback so far they should be trying to show as much multiplayer as possible.Not looking good for hardline.Pre-orders must be at a all time low.