Looking deeper at the consoles post launch: The Xbox One Controller

A review of the Xbox One controller and a comparison to the Xbox 360 controller.

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KinjoTakemura2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

The Xbox One controller is a bit bulky when compared to the PS4 controller. It doesn't fit the contour of your hands.

WilDRangeRrfc2628d ago

I had to buy thumbgrips off Amazon for DS4 the sticks are placed in the worse position still had thumbs slipping off,battery life is terrible X1 pad easily the best not even close

KinjoTakemura2628d ago

The PS4 doesn't need two double AA batteries to work. NEXT!

colonel1792628d ago

Hold on! You can say amazing things about the X1 controller, because it is awesome, but the DS4 is an amazing controller too! It is very confortable and huge step forward from the DS3 and X360 controller.

This time around, both controllers are great.

Reaper29r2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

@KinjoTakemura LMFAO dude the PS4 definitely has it's advantages but get real, a built in battery in the DS4 is not one of them. Not only is the DS4 battery life pitifully short (even with the light bar set to dim), but when it runs out of juice you have to either A) get a really long USB cord B) Swap to fresh controller or C) call it a day. I hate being in the middle of a long game day only to have to quit because my controller needs to recharge. When I'm doing that with my XB1 controller I simply swap the battery out for a fully recharged one. Rechargeable batteries are super cheap and way cheaper than an extra controller. IMO less of a hassle than a long as USB cord. Not to mention that's a tripping hazard for others in the house lol. Now I'm not saying the DS4 is bad, as I much prefer it over the DS3. But Sony should have made it possible to swap rechargeable batteries or battery packs. That's not even next gen. That's just common sense.

KingKelloggTheWH2628d ago

I personally prefer Symmetrical controllers for most games ( not Halo ).

As for your fingers slipping off, I honestly don't believe you.

"X1 pad easily the best not even close" I mean really, this just screams Fanboy. I know people who legit prefer one or the other but they don't deny that the others have good points.You though, you just scream fanboyism.

KinjoTakemura2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )


This question is for everyone who owns an Xbox One. How much are you spending on batteries every month? I bet you're spending the cost of one game over a two month period on batteries. That's six games a year that could have been in your library, instead, you're spending money on batteries. If Xbox One gamers should be complaining about anything, they should be complaining to Microsoft and asking why the Xbox One controller can't be fitted with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, among other things.

Immorals2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )


I've spent £2 on batteries since January, and I play my xbox a lot.

And plus, swappable batteries win everyday over internal ones. Same goes for the battery in my phone.

Sitdown2627d ago

$0; I'm able to use the same rechargeable batteries and charger that I found on clearance at Target that I purchased during the 360 early days. And I'm pretty sure if anybody was spending the exaggerated amount you suggest, they would have been purchased a plug and play kit by now. The real question is how often do us ps4 owners get to use a "wireless" controller.


@ KingKelloggTheWH

I had to buy thumb grips for the DS4 as well because of the same problem.

infact I found that the top of the thumb sticks on both xb1 and DS4 were too small and my thumbs would slip off, but it seemed to happen more with the ds4.

Believe it or not, not everyones hands are the same.

Benchm4rk2627d ago


You do realise you can get rechargeable AA batteries dont you. I bought a charger that came with 4 AA rechargeable batteries back in 2010. That was a once off purchase of about $20. Hardly the exaggerated cost you are making it out be. I like the convenience of being able to just swap my batteries out when needed and not having to plug in a USB cord.

King_of_Nothing2627d ago

@Kinjo and others...Do you really not know that MSFT offers a lithium battery pack called the play and charge kit for $20? Buy the rechargable lithium ion pack and be done with it.

Next time, do some research.

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n4rc2628d ago

Its smaller then the 360 pad.. Fits my hands perfectly..

kingPoS2627d ago


How in the world did you ever of survive the 6th console generation. There were long dangly cords everywhere back then. lol

Gateway MT6706 2008

Volkama2627d ago

Remember the days when pulling a controller a little too far lead to your console crashing down off the cabinet?

The original XBox had cables that came apart easily to prevent that from happening. It was pretty innovative at the time :)

DARK WITNESS2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I find both controllers DS4 and XB1 fit my hands perfectly (something that was not the case last gen)

Both pads had the same issue for me which is the top of the thumb sticks, the little pad your thumb sits on, was too small.

I had to buy thumb grips for both pads and that sorted the problem out for me. it's worth noting the D-pad feels a lot better on the xb1 now as well.

Anyone who knows me will know that last gen I really struggled using the DS3, the DS4 is such a massive improvement you would not believe it.

If you are a 360 fan who didn't like the fit of the ds3 and you are thinking of the ps4 and worried about it's pad being good for FPS games etc, trust me it is just as good as the xb's pads. It may take a little getting use to at first, but it does not strain your thumbs like the I found the old one did if you got big hands.

Another issue with both pads is battery life. outside of that. outside of that the xb1 pad is a great improvement over the 360 pad which I didn't think could be improved on.

One other little thing about the xb1 pad is the sticks are higher. it just feels a little off compared to the 360 pad.

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Goku7812628d ago

It feels like a brick, or like its lined with sand paper or something. I cant explain it.

NoobJobz2628d ago

Literally. You can't explain it because you only have 1 bubble and you just wasted it.

OT- there are things I like better about both. I like XBox One controller better than 360 because they finally got rid of the bulky battery pack on the back. I also enjoy the triggers a little better.

On the 360 controller I enjoy the shoulder buttons better. I think the overall feel is better. But I think that's just because I used the 360 controller for so many years and got used to it. I'm sure I can get used to the one as well.

The analog sticks are a toss up for me. Neither feels remarkably better than the other and then I hardly use the d pad so hard for me to compare.

Overall, I like them both and am content using both.

Volkama2627d ago

I still use the 360 controller for the PC, I have no trouble switching between the 2. I would say the One controller feels a little more responsive, a little tighter. Probably noticably better for games where sensitive analogue control matters (FPS and such).

lfc_4eva2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

I can't believe the XB1 controller is a lot worse than the 360 pad. I've not had a chance to try either of the new controllers, so I'm going by appearance and my experience with 360 and PS3 pads. 360 pad is the only controller I've used that, for me, didn't put a block in the way of playing games. It felt like an extension of my hands. Lovely pad.
However when I bought my PS3, it felt all wrong for me. It was too small, hated (still do) both thumbsticks in the middle and the triggers were rubbish for shooters, my fingers always slipping off the triggers. I had to buy a couple of snap on triggers to make them useable. They cost me 99p, bargain. I have got used to playing with DS3, but its never felt great to me.

Neither of the new pads, look like a huge move away from either of the older pads. Obviously I'm going by appearances at present.

Kiwi662628d ago

So you haven't used the xb1 controller yet you say its worse than the 360 one so heres a thought how about trying one instead of just going by a picture of one as its better than the 360 controller

lfc_4eva2627d ago

Here's a thought, why don't you practice reading and comprehend what I wrote?

I didn't say anywhere that the XB1 is worse than the 360 controller. I said I can't believe the XB1 controller is a lot worse than the 360 pad, as it looked to me as though it was very similar to the 360 pad. This was in response to the article not really saying the XB1 pad was very good.

I said the 360 pad was the best pad I'd ever used, so therefore going with the idea that, to me, they look very similar then the XB1 pad should be very good also.

I'm guessing all the other disagrees have come from people who also, did not read the article and my post thoroughly and then just thought I was some rabid Sony fanboy.

I'll finish on this notion. You say I shouldn't go by a picture of something and should try it for myself. However, virtually everything on this site and many others, is pictures and videos of others using games/hardware. So should I just ignore what I see and march on down to the town every time I want to test something out? Of course not, its totally impractical.
I wouldn't waste my money going to see every movie at the cinema just because I wanted to see for myself what they were like. No I'd check on critics websites and watch some trailers, then make a choice on recommendations.

Have a good day.

NoobJobz2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

"I can't believe the XB1 controller is lot worse than the 360 pad."

That makes it sound like you've used one.

You should have said-

"I can't imagine the XB1 controller being any worse than the 360 pad from what I've seen."

Don't go blaming others for not understanding what you're saying when it clearly makes it seem like you've used one with your first sentence.

Remember people don't actually read through all that you write, so the first sentence is usually what people focus on. Even if you explain that you haven't used one in your next sentence, people had already made up their mind. They read your first sentence and disagreed.

lfc_4eva2627d ago


You're right. I hear what you are saying.
I just thought what I said followed on from reading the article.

You make a good point. Apologies to all those who thought I was an arse ;-)

Slick812628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Prefer the 360, the xb1 controller has higher sticks and the shell creaks and pops if gripped too hard

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