Another PS3 Shipment A Week After Launch?

According to a posted interview with a "Sony Inside Man," there will be a new shipment of PS3 units coming to stores within a week or so

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Maddens Raiders4447d ago

Looks like there might be a scintilla of truth to this. When I called my EB games where I have a "60" reserved, the manager seemed a little more than confident that I should have my unit by Friday 24th, since I'm next in line. Either way I'm happy since I've got my 20 already, but the 60 is what I really want to check out up close and personal. =]

Capt CHAOS4446d ago

They've made up enough stories upto now.

TheXgamerLive4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

This launch has been planned for how long? And there going to ship such a limited amount, numbers actually being quoted of less than 400,000 and "NOW" there supposedly going to be shipping more in 1 week, not true, unless that next shipment is like 3 unit's.

No company holds back when there already looking bad in the public eye for it. I'll guess that 1 more shipment will go out to each major retailer before xmas, if sony's smart that is.

But this supposed quote from a so called sony insider stuff needs to stop, it's alway's lies, whether it's a supposed Microsoft, sony or nintendo guy, c'mon people, stop the supposed inside guy articles, please!!

Marriot VP4447d ago

what a fanboy, their gonna ship 4, not 3

so in your face

Maddens Raiders4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

It's not a joke and I have thought about it.

As a matter of fact I factually typed what was said between myself and the manger at EBGames, today. You MS fans are unbelievable. But I must give you all credit. News4Gamers has the most elite PlayStation and Sony haters on the Planet. Don't you guys ever meet in a room and just salivate over fps's all day?

When are you guys gonna give it up? I could care less what Sony says. It's a huge company bringing brand new technology to the forefront at a loss to their bottom line. I just wanna play their machine and have a boatload of fun like I always have on playstations. Hell, I've already got my 20gigger, so the 60 will just be icing on the cake.

Are you a PS3 owner or potential owner? I doubt either. If not -- why on God's green earth would you give a rat's a$$ about this article / thread?

the Deftones are right -- There's a hole in the Earth.

TheXgamerLive4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

I mean for all, all systems, not just sony. Also, the only way you'd get one next week is if the shipment came from Ebgames warehouse that's holding them, but unless you get a sony official statement saying this, then don't believe it.

Also, these guys at stores like EB aren't video insiders, they know basically what it say's online, just like you and I do. There games, and system's come straight from the manufacturer and not a warehouse so they get it when they get it. They do seem to get them earlier though than others which is why I strictly use them but they know nothing more.

Jamaicangmr4447d ago

XGamer do you intentionally dismiss anything that could possibly be concidered as logic? Then again if you had any idea of videogame history an the way things work you would never have made such a clearly insane statment. Sony ships a shipment of units every week. (PS2, PSP and now PS3) this isn't wishful thinking it's a fact.

Try to think for yourself not because you hate Sony that doesn't give you an excuse to make silly statments.

TheXgamerLive4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

That's true on how console's are shipped but not during lauch. Launch qty's aren't plentiful and as everyone knows of sony's woe's in this area, so no, there wont be weekly shipments made.

But, good luck with that fantasy. Wii on the other hand will be plentiful and so are there lauch gaming titles.

Silver Bull3t4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

what exactly is their definition of "or so..."?

I smell damage control.

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