The first commercial for the Chinese Xbox One is...very game-uncentric

WPC "Many have been infuriated by Microsoft's keynote on E3 2013, saying it was not game-centric enough, with too much TV and generic entertainment. Well, if that was "unfocused", this is... I don't even know what to call it."

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Neonridr3666d ago

Hard to argue that the commercial is bad, I mean this is a territory that, aside from the black market, has been banned from having game machines for the longest time. I would imagine they have to make a strong effort to show that it does much more than just games.

AngelicIceDiamond3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

@Neon "I would imagine they have to make a strong effort to show that it does much more than just games."


Ok let me start with this hilarious statement.

"Many have been infuriated by Microsoft's keynote on E3 2013, saying it was not game-centric enough, with too much TV and generic entertainment.

I could say the same thing Sony's conference with 20 minute TV segment. MS E3 2013 was centered towards games and went even harder this passed E3.


The commercial is centered around the X1 features.

The Chinese unique X1 OS
The switching
Skype communication
Smart Glass
Instant Sign in
Hand navigation

And some exclusive Chinese X1 functions that aren't even over here in the US or Europe.

MS is selling the CONSOLE first in China because its yet to release and that's what you do with most hardware anyway lol wow.

People over in China kinda sorta need to know what the console is about first its sort of important.

There's no doubt in my mind MS will start advertising the games over there very soon afterwards.

Another downplayed article corrected.

Eonjay3666d ago

No it wasn't downplayed. You should mind your ego. The article says that it wasn't very game centeric. it wasn't. But we understand why and we don't need you to break it down like we are children. We aren't dumb. Please stop insulting our intelligence.

Death3666d ago

While we may not be "dumb", it's pretty ignorant to think we know how Microsoft should market their console in a country many of us have never been to or even know about. The majority of the education we have on China comes from poorly dubbed action movies.

AngelicIceDiamond3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

@Eonjay I'm not insulting you or trying to anyway.

You realize who submitted this right?

A leading headline with:

"Many have been infuriated by Microsoft's keynote on E3 2013, saying it was not game-centric enough, with too much TV and generic entertainment. Well, if that was "unfocused", this is... I don't even know what to call it."

Next currently thinks the X1 is unfocused somehow, I dunno. I would like to be enlightened on how MS is currently unfocused.

"Why so kid-centric? Why is this all about studying? Where are the games? Microsoft, do you want to sell Xbox One for what it really is in China or not?

The arthur doesn't know the meaning of advertisement. MS is advertising the console the unique features, its that simple.

Maybe if it was from a more credible user then I wouldn't have to break it down and deflect the usual agenda of this user.

Trying to act concerned when I see right through it.

Yes the ad didn't have games but the arthur (which is Next) is trying to suggest something else is going on with Xbox when there isn't anything at all to look into rather than a simple ad.

choujij3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )


+1 Well said. I too am getting tired of AIDs condescension.

OT: I thought the article makes some very valid points.

Pogmathoin3666d ago

Eonjay, you lot insult our intelligence everyday, thinking you can tell us what is good for us every single day!

darthv723666d ago

This isnt a commercial. Unless all commercials in China are shown in presentation form....

Mr Pumblechook3666d ago

Does anybody know if the Chinese Xbone will have the Kinect in the box?

The reason I ask is because it would be interesting to know if Microsoft have no PS4 to compete against will they stay with the all-in-one TV box vision or not.

MightyNoX3666d ago

@chouji: you're talking about an intellectual midget who has repeatedly insulted people for saying Microsoft will sell a Kinectless Xbone and made the claims that Phil Spencer was locked in a hand to hand combat with Don Mattrick over Xbone's policy.

This is beyond condescension, its an incurable form of psychosis

TheGreatAndPowerful3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I love how voice recognition just works flawlessly in the vid. lol

Godmars2903666d ago

Are you honestly comparing MS's three separate presentations for their one console, two centered on media support and the main E3 one which was about gaming - with all of them ignoring the bigger issue of DRM - to the one Sony had which covered three gaming platforms, the media support involving them, then for good measure "Dropped the Elbow" because they answered the question MS didn't? The DRM question?

That was the literal and entire point: Sony won that E3 because they presented general forthcoming responses while MS was being obtuse. Tell the truth like a used car salesman.

TheRedButterfly3665d ago


You're right. The majority of us have never been to and/or studied anything about China beyond the basic public school requirements.

I however have both studied for 4 years and have visited/studied in China (specifically Beijing and Henan). And while I'm no expert, these are the kinds of adds that appeal Chinese consumers (at least to announce the initial product).

Sure, WE know that the XO is a gaming platform, and that gaming platforms provide a wide verity of entertainment options, but they don't. The last gaming consoles in China could hardly connect to the internet, much less do everything that the XO can do.

THAT's what this commercial is demonstrating - everything that the machine can do. You'll see game adds when the people know that the console does more than JUST play games.


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OC_MurphysLaw3666d ago

Are we even sure this is a commercial and not a presentation of some kind? I mean its a stage with podium and screen behind it.

The author also seems to not really know what is going on or he would have understood the mom is playing Xbox Fitness when presentation starts.

turdburgler10803666d ago

This is part of a presentation obviously showing all the features of the console.

kingtroy3666d ago

Lol actress not even trying there .

Godmars2903666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

So just like elsewhere. Though this is post "We're all about the games".

MightyNoX3666d ago

Goes to show the stark contrast between whats said and whats really going on behind the scenes.

iamnsuperman3666d ago

I can see why they went with this approach but I think they are targeting the wrong market here. They are worryingly close to the more mobile ventures with the focus on educations. They need to show they do that side but also do something those devices can't do

jnemesh3666d ago

Considering that the Chinese ban games with "violence" it doesn't leave them much to play. An $800 box had better do something else!

Personally, I don't think that either the PS4 or the Xbox 1 will sell in any significant numbers in that country. This is a country where they love their PC games.

MRMagoo1233666d ago

exactly, both the consoles will have barely anything to play in china, I cant imagine DR3 will be available because its depicting dead people and as far as I am aware they ban games with living dead, thats why the wrath of the lich king expansion on wow took years to get to china, they had to change all the mobs that had visible bones and stuff like that.