Plans for Playstation

The PS3's not launching down under until March. Of course, that left a lot of Aussies unimpressed. Okay, more like pissed. But Sony of Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Michael Ephraim is confident about how the PS3 will perform come its release next year.

Ephraim says that people have forgotten about the previous Sony launches in Australia. He says that Australia was nine months behind when the PlayStation, PS2, and the PSP, were launched. This time, they're going to be just five months away from the Japan and US release.

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dbug3604442d ago

thanks its good to see a post for us aussies and i happen to agree wih him

the_bebop4442d ago

Exactly my thoughts to dbug.

I still have alot of PS2 games that I am still playing with a few still to come out. Infact I may wait a while after it is released here in Australia to get the PS3 due to money Issues and other things.

They should promote this guy to head of one of the Playstation world wide devisions rather then the Idiots that have the jobs at the moment, since at least this guy knows how to answere Questions in an Interview.

I wonder how many post it will take till someone like The Mart makes some fanboy comment or this turns into another anti-Sony topic or Sony Suxs topic.

the_bebop4442d ago (Edited 4442d ago )

Double post acident

Capt CHAOS4442d ago

Round the barbie, with a laaarger in one hand and a kangroo leg in the other.. lol