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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Growing up in Canada the anime scene wasn’t quite what it is today. My first anime experience was either Gundam Wing or Dragon Ball. From there I continued to find other animes that I increasingly preferred over regular North American programming. Don’t worry, this is going somewhere. As the years went on more and more Gundams either came over or were imported. Then I found Dynasty Warriors Gundam and was confused; who were all of these people that I had never heard of? From there I started at Gundam and then worked my way up through Zeta Gundam and Gundam ZZ just to understand the various characters that were within these story modes and side missions.

Xof3609d ago

Wow. First accurate review of the game I've seen.

It truly is fantastic. Lots of little details and ideas I really hope they expand on in the inevitable PS4 version. Kinda sad we're probably stuck with the stupid "Reborn" title from here on out. Oh well. Really a great game. Well, maybe it's a bit light on content, but it more than makes up for the rubbish that was the third game.

Chalgyr3607d ago

Thanks Xof, our writer, PY, is obviously a huge fan of the series and had quite a bit of history going into it. I concur that it would be nice to drop 'Reborn' - but hopefully we do see this brought over and updated a bit for the PS4 sooner than later.

Xof3606d ago

Yeah, there are a lot of little touches to Reborn that really make my excited for the next-generation iteration--little hints of things that could be so much more with more hardware to play with.

Like, I imagine the whole attack on Jaburo from Zeta Gundam taking place over a map that slowly morphs from in-space, to in-the-sky, before you finally land. Maybe even with playable ballutes.

But, yeah, as a gamer and gundam and musou fan I can always tell when reviewers don't know or care about what they're reviewing... which is almost always the case for Gundam and Musou games. It's very refreshing to see someone who A) avoids the tired musou cliches, and B) actually knows what's going on.


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