Duke Nukem Forever: Gameplay screenshots from the recent video

If the ingame scenes from the recent DNF trailer were too fast for you, then you might want to take a look at stills from Duke Nukem Forever.

Snoozer2825835d ago

Now we need some analysis on the shots / video...

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name5835d ago

5 bucks says duke nukkem forever gets accused of copying COD4's "only see your gun" formula.

Prismo_Fillusion5835d ago


I guess they really should just delay the game and fix this, just in case.

Zip5835d ago

am I the only person who arent excited about this title?

n00bPwner5835d ago

How many of you are there over there?

ukilnme5835d ago

What's wrong with being a caveman?

ape0075835d ago (Edited 5835d ago )

it has the same level of veraity and exellent level design like old duke games

3d realms,use tech well without messing with gameplay roots,without making it all look like one level(prey and bioshock),im afraid it's too realistic(gta4),I want open levels,underwater,downtown levels and alien levels,with all the awesome gadgets,jetpacks,holodukes,vit amin x and even extra ones, make it like those classic duke games(and i want it even much better) of the past,from what i see here,it looks like prey.

hades075835d ago (Edited 5835d ago )

If they made the game just like the trailer for a 2001 release where duke meets with your stereotypical army leader, rides a donkey, boats, spaceships, and minecarts, meets up with some redneck farmer, visits vegas, and has a golden gun with this gen graphics, it would be amazing. But a prey/doom clone that it looks in that vid is disappointing.

Video I'm talking about is attached.

jkhan5835d ago

Wow now that was insane. I wonder if they can pull all that off with the current standards of graphics. I mean this game would be insane.:D

sinncross5835d ago

well that was not as exciting as i thought it wud be