Patapon “Returns” on Destiny of Spirits for PS Vita

Patapon was one of the most beloved franchises for PSP, and while there hasn't been a new game of the series since 2011, Sony has not forgotten the lovely IP.

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PeaSFor2534d ago

Noooooooooooo! i want a new patapon or a hd compilation for ps4 would be soooo awesome!

Mikey322302533d ago

Destiny of Spirits is really addicitng for those who havent played.

I never ever play these types of games but for some reason i'm hooked on DoS.

My only complaint is the stupid slow loading times. The game has to load between each and every screen it take you too. Its infuriating sometimes. I really wish they would fix that.

Kennytaur2534d ago

We need more Patapon, and just obscure Japanese games from Sony in general, on Vita and PS4.

STK0262534d ago

First Conker came back as part of Project Spark, and now Patapon comes back as part of Destiny of spirits...

Hopefully both of these franchises will soon have their own games, as previous games were a blast to play.

Sheed2534d ago

I was so excited
Just played with my emotions...

beakeroo12533d ago

Patapon and Loco Roco need to be uncaged.

Bring it to Tokyo Sony.