PS3 Ebay Prices Are Just Hype

Think those PlayStation 3s are selling for up to $15,000? Think again. It turns out these bidders have zero intention of purchasing a console.

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THWIP4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

I said as much in another thread:

Of course, that won't stop Sony and their loyal fanboys from shouting "Look how badly the world wants the PS3!!" :o

ThomasDaGamer4446d ago

Says here that the people who bidded over 20x the retail price for PS3s on ebay were just kidding. What does the general public have to say about this?


PS360WII4446d ago

all them jerks who were intent on selling the ps3 for some quick cash will have to try and sell that for 8 or 10 times before they get an acual person who WILL pay the price for it

Silvia0074446d ago

It's either sony or even ebay or both, that is doing this, They used old and unused or probably even closed ebay accounts to bid on these systems so that no one can actually buy the systems. Who else are you going to stop people from paying 1-2k for a ps3. It would be in sony's best interest to do this.

DeathNote14446d ago

it's mad gamers doing it.
not a sony/ebay conspiracy <_<

Silvia0074446d ago

If it is mad gamers, all I have to say is sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.