Q&A: The latest on PlayStation dev relations, with Sony's Adam Boyes

In an interview with Gamasutra, Sony Computer Entertainment America vice president Adam Boyes stated that the company is looking into allowing developers to release in-progress versions of their games.

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iamnsuperman3627d ago

I hope not. I don't mind more games releasing betas and all that jazz but this early access business model is flawed. It is too open to abuse

HeavenlySnipes3626d ago

Wasn't there some game on steam that was on sale for early access and then the dev just decided not to continue making the game?

TheWackyMan3626d ago

There have been tons of games on steam early access, only a handful have been fully released, and maybe 3-4 are actually good games worth getting. Publishers already abuse DLC and Micro transactions (dlc on disc and microtransactions in full games etc) what makes you think they won't with early access? Publishers screw us over all the time, and we need to stop letting them do it to us.

BattleAxe3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

"KwietStorm + 32m ago
Care to explain?"

There's no guaranty that the game will get finished. You might spend $30.00, get to play one level or something, and then all of a sudden the developer runs out of money, and then it's game over.

Steam even has a warning saying that if you buy an early access game, that you should do so only if you are excited to play the game in its current form, as there is no guaranty that the developer will finish the game.

Darkstares3626d ago

I don't think it will work on consoles. The community just isn't the same as it is on the PC. Consoles are also a walled garden and gamers expect things to run smoothly from the start.

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KnightRobby3626d ago

Early access is a great idea, but for me, I just want a completed game. Unless people like me can influence the actual development process, now that would be neat. But dealing with bugs, glitches, etc is a pain - especially after the fiasco that was Battlefield 4. Even if its free, I hate bugs...It destroys the game experience. It does not sound like fun.

Give me a game that I can purchase in one go and play without issue. Seems like it hardly exists anymore.

Volkama3626d ago

Most early access games do invite your feedback and at least claim that you will be helping shape the end product.

I much prefer to play games when they are finished (or at least as finished as retail games are). I have bought 3 early access games recently. All 3 are far enough along that I can see they will be games I like, so I bought them for a good price. I will not download them until the full release.

KinjoTakemura3626d ago

Simple solution to this problem of abuse. Don't pay for early access!!!

Codewow3627d ago

Oh boy. Opening up the early-access market! Can't wait to see how well that goes! Maybe we'll get an Early Access Game Purchase Simulator on it!

zero_gamer3627d ago

Virtually most game launches nowadays are early access, full of bugs and problems. They'll just patch *some* of them later.

KwietStorm_BLM3626d ago

That's partly why this would be such a good thing. The earlier the actual game community gets involved, the better chance we have at squashing those bugs sooner than later. Also, with more parity these days with games available on PC and consoles, this could provide an avenue to get some of the PC games ported sooner.

daggertoes833626d ago

Yea I can't wait for battlefield 4 to be out of early access!!!

AgentSmithPS43626d ago

Yeah I payed a lot for BF4's "early access" and look how that turned out, what could go wrong?

I'm sure there's some good things about it, if the company cares at all, for one it could help balance things in MP games. For other games like "The Forest" I'd rather not play a spoiler filled bug fest.

Sci0n3626d ago

the bright side to this is we could end up getting to play games in development allot sooner. Games like H1Z1, Socom H Hour and Planetside 2. They can do it like steam does and charge a small fee to participate in the alphas and betas which will reduce the retail price if you decide to buy the game your testing.

extermin8or3626d ago

2 of those are free to play and so theres nothing stopping them releasing unfinished atm with a disclaimer or saying (open beta) or something...

bobsmith3626d ago

I hope I really want to be playing project cars like ppl on steam

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Sony shares big new PS Plus stat, but not the one we want to see

PlayStation Plus has improved the split of PS4 and PS5 players on its priciest tiers, but Sony continues to hide total subscriber numbers.

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mandf14d ago

lol acting like it’s equivalent to ms numbers

Mr Logic14d ago

Uh...They're definitely not equivalent.

"Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service now has 34 million subscribers."

"the total number of PS Plus subscribers across all tiers was 47.4 million"