The Lord of the Open Worlds

The Lord of the Rings would make a brilliant open world, single-player RPG, filled with loot, lore and stories of the player's adventures!

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xNomaD1587d ago

I cannot express how much I would like an open world Lord of the Rings along the lines of Skyrim.

LightDiego1587d ago

Lord of the Rings and a Game of Thrones game too. :)

fenome1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I've always wanted this, but for some reason all we've gotten has been crap.

It's the perfect world for the type of games I love to play, I don't understand why this hasn't happened yet. I've always been a huge fan of the novels and have been waiting console generation after console generation for the one game that rules them all. Sadly, I'm still waiting..

Unfortunately Shadow of Mordor isn't going to change my mind either. I was really hopeful that I was finally going to get the game I've always wanted when it was first announced. The more I saw, the more I realised that it wasn't the type of game I was hoping for at all.

Everything's already there, I don't get how someone hasn't made an epic open world action RPG out of this yet. It has the lore, it has the world map already laid out waiting to be explored, it has the loot, stories, boss battles, magic, melee, and ranged. It's all right there, already created, just make it already!

This could really be something special (to me at least) if someone just took the time to do it right.

jegheist20141587d ago

ever heard of witcher 3 man thats gonna be closest thing u r gonna get for while

Bigpappy1587d ago

The first step would be to find a development studio capable of creating that experience. There is a reason why the Elder Scroll series remains unchallenged all these years. Two worlds tried, and I actually had fun with it, buy you can tell that they needed to do a lot more work with loot and exploration. I think they were headed in the right direction, but people keep comparing them to Bethesda and didn't give them a fair chance.

I will see how The Witcher3 turns out. I don't know that they were able to put in enough time to develop independent A.I that have schedules; an economy; exploration that has rewarding loot ...

levian1587d ago

Call up Bethesda and get them to essentially make LotR Skyrim style.. best we can do I guess

fenome1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )


Yeah, for sure, I'm stoked on that game! I'm getting the collectors edition. Dragon Age is another one. I want the Witcher more, but Inquisition comes out sooner and I gotta scratch that itch. Lol

Those are exactly the kind of games I'm talking about. I just wish someone would do Tolkien justice like that. The new Hobbit movies piss me off too, the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was the only form of media that have my stamp of approval so far, but I guess I'm just picky. Lol

Skyrim was an amazing game in it's own right (I dumped in 300+ hours, all close together too. I shut out the world for a little bit. lol)

And LotR definitely needs to be third person for me.

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