Guerrilla Cambridge Working on "High Profile, Multi-Million Selling Franchise:" New Killzone Coming?

It's already known that Guerrilla Cambridge is working on a PS4 game, and today more information surface on the studio's plans thanks to a career opportunity ad published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe seeking a Audio Programmer.

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JBSleek3132d ago

They are having this studio make the next Killzone game on PS4? Interesting

Dark113132d ago

am i the only one here think sony should kill the killzone franchise?

3132d ago
HeWhoWalks3132d ago

Yes, they should kill off a successful franchise. Totally with you. /s

OT: A new Killzone is always welcome, from me! Because it's Cambridge involved, if it does turn to be a new game in the franchise, it could be the best in the series since Killzone 2!

Timesplitter143132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I agree. Killzone never managed to live up to what it was supposed to be. It's always been a generic attempt at creating an exclusive AAA FPS for playstation, made more by obligation than because someone had a vision for it.

Just look at the title. "Kill Zone". The game seems devoid of any identity. It's just a big brown high-budget shooter that sells mostly due to advertisement. The Playstation is waaaay past needing Killzone anymore. Playstation doesn't need an answer to Halo anymore. Let the franchise die already

MrSec843132d ago

I don't think the franchise should be killed off.
Sales alone make it still worth supporting for Sony.

Personally I've played 2, 3, Shadow fall & Mercenaries and think they're all good in their own right.

The universe is already a really great place for sci-fi stories, maybe it needs a fresh approach, but the core things, like the great shooting mechanics, unique feel, atmosphere and the overall style of the game shouldn't be messed with IMO.

Fans of the series still like it, given the right approach it could become big, just needs a bit more of a magic touch when it comes to the characters and the story in the next game.

bicfitness3132d ago

No need to kill it. The gunplay is decent, the visuals are always top-notch, it's the story that falls apart. Such interesting lore too, and they script it like a CoD in space. I think a new sub-studio, particularly the Mercenaries guys, could do great work with the franchise. Mercenaries is literally THE premier portable FPS. Killzone could use some of Cambridge's freshness and ingenuity.

Timesplitter143132d ago

The problem is: Killzone is way too "decent" for the amount of money that goes into making it. That money should go elsewhere

Leio3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I hope they get the story and dialog together. Killzone is a great universe but they did an average job in storytelling. There are no memorable character and the story is all over the place, such a shame considering the overall design and game- mechanics

bouzebbal3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

nobody asks you to buy it.
Killzone is tied to the PS brand for quite some time and for no reason sony should kill it cause this franchise has millions of fans on PSP, PS2, PS3, PS4 and Vita and everyone of these fans would be happy to have some more killzone!
i discovered it on PS3 and it has been one of my favorite PS3 franchises since.
i admit Shadow Fall was weak compared to KZ2 and 3 but by no mean Sony should give it up.
Guerrilla Cambridge did a great job with Mercenary and i have high hopes next iteration will kick ass.

Dmagic3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

are you guys serious? the like to dislike is crazy this game is horrible and stale you guys cant name 3 characters from the story or what its about. the gameplay is horrible 2 was ok but as much money they put into this terrible franchise id rather them just make a new shooter ive been saying this for years sony would kill with a 4v4 5v5 shooter give this franchise up please it gets worse with every edition i sold shadow fall in 3 days killzone is just sony's crisis pretty as hell and boring at the same time.

Eyeco3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I agree the Killzone games have never held a candle to the more popular shooters (Halo, BF, COD) both critically AND commercially and in an indusrtry saturated with shooters....whats the point ? There are enough shooters on the market do we really need another ?

This isn't the early 2000's where decent console shooters were few and far between, the whole purpose of this franchise is completely dated.

It blows my mind how Sony sunk 40 million developing a game that barely scratched a few million copies worldwide..complete waste of money. Sony needs to go back to what defined them historically, games like racers, JRPG's, action games, shooters, platformers and fighting games and especially Killzone historically have NOT defined the Playstation brand.

You can live in neverland and believe that Killzone is a top tier franchise in the same level as Halo, Half Life or Metroid, the reality is it's a B grade series with average to mediocre sales, great to mediocre critical reviews, it's done very little for Playstation as a whole other than convey the graphical prowess of the systems, Sony should let it die already.

UltraNova3132d ago

Who ever says Sony should kill Killzone...just buzz off and dont buy the games, better yet dont buy them just to whine about it later. Thank you.

OT: If the studio who made Mercenaries is behind the new Killzone entry then we have a potential winner here! Lets hope they manage to get the story out of the trenches so to speak this time. As for the gameplay dont touch it its solid and unique and last I checked we dont get enough 'unique' these days...

As for a potential Medievil revival I would say yeah, why not. I dont sound very excited cause I dont know how a 15 (?) year old game can be made relevant again that easily especially when expectations will be very high...

andibandit3131d ago

If you mean kill off and invest that money in a new ip, im all for that

Thomaticus3131d ago

Nope. I played wolfenstein the new order and I kept wishing that it was killzone. The characters and story was great. Wolfeinstein was a better killzone than killzone itself. I think they should leave the franchise alone for a bit as its become stale.

1nsomniac3131d ago

Yea, I don't think there's any room left in the Killzone franchise for another game.

It will be like the 9th Killzone game in total. developers need to stop dragging sequels & tie-ins out repeatedly until the point where we've started disliking them.

Man up & make new IP's, that is what gamers want!

No one cares about this franchise vs new IP bullshit that the media spins. It's just a way for developers to cop out & reuse assets & old ideas. Truth be told people prefer new IP's.

UltraNova3131d ago

@guy above


Yea, I don't think there's any room left in the HALO franchise for another game.

It will be like the 9th HALO game in total. developers need to stop dragging sequels & tie-ins out repeatedly until the point where we've started disliking them.

Man up & make new IP's, that is what gamers want!

No one cares about this franchise vs new IP bullshit that the media spins. It's just a way for developers to cop out & reuse assets & old ideas. Truth be told people prefer new IP's.

See what I did there?

Some people spend too much time riding that high horse of theirs.

Killzoner993131d ago

"am i the only one here think sony should kill the killzone franchise?"
Yes troll you are. Sony is known most for Uncharted , God of War and Killzone. You will NEVER see any of those big 3 "killed off". The lore in Killzone is extremely interesting and rivals the best in Sci-fi. I think Sony should release a new Killzone every year to finally push COD of it's undeserved throne.

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KnightRobby3132d ago

All they have to do to really nail the Killzone franchise is make a memorable lead character and great story to really set the stage. I'd also love to see the option of vehicles in multiplayer as well.

pwnsause_returns3132d ago

they would have to implement vehicles right in the multiplayer though. adding mechs in KZ3 in multiplayer was a mess.

I loved the operations mode though. that was pretty cool. its pretty much identical like Battlefield's Rush mode, but with its own twist.

IAM3131d ago

Why do you put so much hope in that? The writers are s***. The PS3 been out for how long & still cant manage to equal Valve Half Life franchise in terms of story telling, script & single player gameplay. I have no hope that first person shooters will rival third person shooters in story telling. Death by multiplayer.

stuna13132d ago

Now is the time to do an alternate trilogy from the Helghast point of view.

Dirtnapstor3132d ago

Oh yes, my thinking exactly. Shadowfall provided that vehicle.
Killzone has been a great ride and I'll gladly continue supporting the franchise. The end of Killzone 2 was one of my favorite game endings ever. Such forebodance and foreshadowing. They need to bring the air of the 2nd installment into KZ5.

showtimefolks3132d ago

I think doing a new Killzone is smart since KZ games sell well. But having a new studio doing a new KZ maybe what the doctor ordered. A new studio means new fresh ideas

also this could be any number of games owned by sony

can't wait for gamescom, that's when we will find out what some of the European sony studios are up to

trancefreak3132d ago

Sony owns the rights to Resistance; perhaps Guerilla is working on a new iteration of the Resistance franchise.

Isn't Insomniac multi platform now? That would sweet if they can nail the story.

ginsunuva3131d ago

Seems like The Order 1886 is here to be this gen's Resistance: FoM.

Alternate-history England, unreal enemies, crazy weapons with creative secondary firing, grayness,...

lelo3131d ago

Enough with sequels. Want new IP's.

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Abash3132d ago

Pretty much confirms Cambridge is doing Killzone 5, this is fantastic news! They know how to make an engrossing and impressive single player for the Killzone series as they proved with Killzone Mercenary

JBSleek3132d ago

Is it fantastic news though? What makes you think this studio can do a proper PS4 version of Killzone.

Not saying they aren't a good studio but would you be excited if Bend Studio was doing the next Uncharted? I wouldn't be.

Abriael3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

The difference is that Sony Bend didn't exactly do an incredible job with Uncharted. On the other hand Cambridge did a very, very good job with Killzone Merc.

Personally, I enjoyed it more than Shadow Fall.

Also, Guerrilla Games and Guerrilla Cambridge are much more closely tied than Naughty Dog and Bend.

XiNarutoUzumaki3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Dude. Guerrilla Cambrige is a subsidiary of Guerrilla games. Of course this is fantastic news.


I think GA was good and and immersive experience using all the Vita features. It had a decent story as well. Maybe it wasn't on par with the trilogy, but it was very good prequel for Vita.

MasterCornholio3132d ago


I enjoyed it as well so your not the only one.


NukaCola3132d ago

Well GG made a great KZ for Vita so I have faith in what they can do.

ger23963132d ago

Then how about we wait and see before passing judgement. I personally enjoyed all the killzone games. I hope its a mercenary game for the ps4.

zaz123132d ago

Guerrilla Cambridge should make Primal 2

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JBSleek3132d ago

I still wouldn't want someone who wasn't Naught Dog making an Uncharted game on PS4.

I could be wrong and they could make a killer Killzone game I just have my reserves about this studio making such a game and being excited about it.

You do have good points though. Let's wait and see.

Spotie3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Well, it's a good thing you're not in charge of who makes what, in regards to Sony's studios.

I just want a return- refined, of course- to Killzone 2. That game is still one my favorite shooters ever.

IIFloodyII3131d ago

They have help with the other games in the Killzone seriers too. This would just be them getting full control, which should be a good thing. GG seem like they don't know what they want to do with the series anymore, Shadow Fall proves this.

Thomaticus3131d ago

I liked mercenaries better than skyfall. Maybe they should bring its sequel to ps4.

Gamble203131d ago

GG made a James Bond game?

-Foxtrot3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Hopefully it's got a better story then Shadow Fall...I honestly don't know what it is about that game but other Killzone games I could get through the story no problem but this game I was half asleep. The online was decent though but I'd still want it more like Killzone 2. It still felt COD-like at times.

I could appreciate what they did with the more open levels but you felt lost at times and those more open spaces felt wasted since there wasn't many secrets or "easter eggs" except for collectibles.

Oh and they need to make a main character who's more interesting. I could not care for the other guy, just another generic soldier. How about an average looking civilian who occidentally gets pulled into the war and has to try and survive. Add in more stealth elements until the character has become more experienced with guns, like at the start of the game his accuracy is awful and ends up jamming his gun more but as the game goes on he'll learn and you'll see the improvement.

I hope you can carry a pistol along with two heavy guns aswell. I don't see why a pistol counts towards you gun limit when pistols usually use a different holster

Hopefully they'll take the Killzone franchise to new places.

Abriael3132d ago

I enjoyed shadow fall as a game but yeah, the story (especially one specific part of the story, which I won't tell to avoid spoilers) was unsightly.

-Foxtrot3132d ago

Don't get me wrong it's a good game, better then COD and Battlefield that year which is why I really don't understand how they got better praise and reviews then Shadowfall while the game was criticized and nitpicked to death.

However with all these military FPS games out these days they need to try and separate Killzone from that. As I've said maybe they should try and move away from ISA and having us play as another soldier. Maybe actually show his face in third person during cutscenes so we get to know him a bit more.

iamnsuperman3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

It was a poor story that couldn't shake off such an idiotic setting (which is why the story has so many problems; it was trying to sell you a narrative based upon something highly illogical)

Killzone games have always suffered from the story side of things and I think this should be their focus (for improvement). I feel the best story was 3 (bar the ending) because it felt localised and not as grand as previous games (again bar the ending)

-Foxtrot3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Yeah, I understand they were trying to have a Cold War theme to this trilogy as the first trilogy had a WW2 theme to it but why the hell would you allow the Helghast to live RIGHT NEXT TO YOU...not too mention give them so much power and freedom.

I know some of them are just innocent people but after what's happened with the war they should of been more cautious.

I would of preferred it if it was set on Earth and the surviving Helghast formed together over the years to plan a huge assault of Earth or even Vekta.

The reason I liked Killzone 3s story was because they were being hunted and it felt like it was more about survival then winning the war. I kind of admired Sev in the game, shame we never got to see what happened to him in Shadowfall, he'll probably be an old man now. Unless they've hid him, Rico and others in stasis to protect them.

iamnsuperman3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )


I don't think they were going for a cold war vibe. I think they just tried to merge a lot of modern conflicts together (Palestine/Israel, The troubles, the cold war) but the end product didn't make sense.

Like you said, why move them next to a major city? Does Vekta not have lesser cities or other places the Helghast could have moved too.

What I would have liked to have seen is a more integrated Vekta. Helghast living along side Vektans many many years after the event (not doing what Shadow Fall did which was to plonk a waring faction right on their door step and then stills at war years later). But there are loyalist groups on both sides not liking this. We then follow a counter terrorist/central intellegence force who are unravelling a plot and trying to keep the peace. I think it is more topical (bring radicalisation into it both politically and ideologically) and it fits Killzone 3's ending (which has made sequels a lot hardier to make). The only issue with going this route is making it too much likd Call of Duty. They need to avoid cheap thrills (big explosions, big set pieces....) and instead keep the narrative topical

One thing I forgot to add but in Killzone 3 the political struggle was a stroke of narrative genius. That was so refreshing and good to see it is a shame they completely removed it in Killzone Shadow Fall

MightyNoX3132d ago

-- Hopefully they'll take the Killzone franchise to new places. --

Only way they can do that is by letting us play as the Helghast. It's about time, methinks.

KuroKazuma3132d ago

pls stahp, no more illzone...

SaffronCurse3132d ago

Do you speak for all gamers?

gamerfan09093132d ago

I think they need to stop making KZ games. The last one sold pretty good, but these games have awful stories and meh gameplay mixed in with innovative visuals. They should just work on 2 new IP's and hire better writers for the games. Mercenary was passable so it would be interesting to see what they can make at the AAA console level.