TLOU Remastered Uses DS4 Triggers For Aim/Shoot By Default; Southpaw Support Added

Straley confirms that TLOU Remastered uses triggers instead of bumpers to aim & shoot and that it feels "so good". They also added Southpaw support.

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ccgr3125d ago

Left handed gamers rejoice!

Applejack3125d ago

It's nice of Naughty Dog to think of the minority (left handed gamer btw)

ziggurcat3125d ago

forgive me, but i'm not entirely sure how left-handed gaming works...

sweendog3125d ago

The sticks are swapped around. Im right handed but played southpaw for years after playing Turok and Goldeneye with Turok control settings. I hate the fact that i eventually got used to right handed sticks as im now rubbish when I return to Goldeneye

svoulis3125d ago

I am left handed and I play the "normal way" I couldnt imagine southpaw gaming. That might just be me though.

Alexious3125d ago

I wouldn't know, I'm right-handed. I guess some experienced left handed players are used to no southpaw support in most games though, that's why it might be strange for you.

It should be more natural for a left handed person who's just approaching gaming.

adonis1833125d ago

This makes no sense at all. Lets say there were more left people in the world? and lets say games were design the same way they are today. People would just get use to the controls. A southpaw option is so unnecessary. Its only commonsense.

Alexious3125d ago

Not sure what you've got against it, if they want to use it and it feels better for them, so be it

Majin-vegeta3125d ago

Yes I can still use L1/R1.

Alexious3125d ago

Choice is good, but why would you do that? L2/R2 is much better on DS4 in my opinion.

Majin-vegeta3125d ago

My hands are average size.Plus i feel better with my hands fully wrapped around my controller.As soon as BF4 gave us the L1/R1 option i switched right away.

bouzebbal3125d ago

it's not like you need the sensitivity for anything in this game. i loved the control layout on PS3.

iamnsuperman3125d ago

For me R1 and L1 feels more natural based upon its position.

joab7773125d ago

Why? I am so glad that the triggers r the shoot buttons. I hated the DS3, love the DS4 more than any controller ive ever it was made for me.

Alexious3125d ago

Yeah, it's too bad there aren't truly official drivers for Windows. Let's hope Sony does something for that soon!

Adexus3125d ago

I'm glad too, I really prefer the snappier buttons to aim and fire.

ziggurcat3125d ago

i prefer L1/R1 over the triggers, so that's good that they're still allowing that configuration.

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TheUltimateGamer3125d ago

Can't wait to play this! I missed out the first time around.. I'm set for this go-round!!

CyrusLemont3125d ago

DS4 triggers are fantastic, makes sense to move to them. I can see why they stuck with the bumpers for the DS3. Triggers on that were horrendous.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Everything about the DS4 is perfect. Best controller ever.

uth113125d ago

agree, well except for the rubber on the thumbsticks that peels :S

LonDonE3125d ago

Yes strange thing is ALL MY FRIENDS who bought launch day PS4 consoles here in the uk had their controllers analogue sticks crap out on them and two of them even had the R1 bumper go dead but luckily i am the only one (touch wood) who has had zero problems with my controllers/consoles and thats X1/PS4 and WiiU!

Actually come to think of it even my launch fatty PS3 is still working like a champ while all of my friends are on replacement consoles LOL maybe its karma since i did have 7 xbox 360s go dead on me! and no i didn't go out and buy all 7, some were replacements! either way i am very happy so far with the next gen consoles reliability but i suppose we wont truly know if the PS4/X1 have fail rates till the 1 year mark.

Festano3125d ago

Certainly the new ds4 will improve the already excellent gameplay.

adonis1833125d ago

The PS3 Triggers were l1/R1. The L2/R2 was design for racing games.

EmperorDalek3125d ago

One week of use and my triggers are already squeaky as hell, they are god awful.

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Master-H3125d ago

Time to plug in my DS4 to get familiar with it on the ps3 mp.

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