Steve reviews Microsofts Zune player and how works with the 360

Alright XBL Radio listens and everyone else, I went out and bought a zune last Tuesday, so I wanted to give out my review to all of you guys to inform you about and hopefully this will help you decide if you want one or not based one what you need. To start this whole thing off, I just wanna let you all know where I'm coming from, I have owned 3 different iPods, I have owned a Photo iPod, iPod Nano and a iPod Shuffle along with screwing around with a iPod Video a lot so I know what an mp3 player should be like because Apple has always done that well.

So I bought a Zune for mostly the way its suppose to be integrated into the Xbox 360, since after all I do publish a Xbox 360 podcast. So that was probably the most compelling reason for me, that and the Wi-FI fuctions. Now what I'm going to do is first give my initial impressions of the Zune followed by a good, bad and needs improved summary.

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kewlkat0074444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

After my 60GIG Ipod battery sh!t the bed, this was a great time to try a new product. I got the Zune the other day and I'm returned it the next. It has great potential with its firmware upgrades but just didn't cut it. I was expecting more pixels on the screen while its bigger than the IPOD, well that wasn't the case.The screen is a great size tho its perfect to view a movie or what not, unlike the Ipod.

My thumb started to hurt while navigating for 30 mins and playing around with it. With big hands, since the screen takes a lot of room, holding the Zune stresses your thumbs, plus the wheel in the middle is too small. I found myself pressing hard and sometimes missing. (well I have big fingers) The IPOD wheel is perfect size but it also have less of a screen.

I never did use Itunes for my IPOD since I used Anapod by redchair software, but the Zune's connectivity and installation wasn't smooth at all. Plus I noticed that I was missing WIFI and it needed an upgrade out of the box but the Upgrade never came. I tried to update but it kept telling my I had the latest firmware. So I was missing "community" on the main list and the WIFI options in settings and so on.

While I think it has potential. The things I really enjoyed was the Radio function. Wifi would of been nice if I was able to get it to work. Another cool feature and ofcourse was the screen size, it is great but the resolution dissapointed me.

I have since bought a CREATIVE ZEN VISION:M, and if you haven't tested out this player, please do so, and look up reviews. You'll see why I think it beats Ipod in many ways. But no thanks to this first Gen player by MS. We will see in 2 years where its at. Right now I know where I'm at and thats with my Creative device.

Steve5194444d ago

missing wi-fi? I had no issues with the wi-fi but I couldn't find anyone with a zune to share to

Andyg2134444d ago

I am trying to download the Tiger Woods demo and it is taking forrrrrrrrrrever. It's only 916 mb. That's weak.

On top of that my Gears of War online play never lets me jump into a game online. It always is saying "you have lost connection". Anyone know whats up with this?????

Some free preview....makes me really wanna shell out 50 bucks for a year of this crap.

Lucidmantra4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

Maybe you should check your network settings and the speed of your internet connect as well as the Internet Weather Report to see if it is Xbox Live or the fact you are downloading a 1 GB file and expect it to be there in 15 seconds. Before throwing a little girl fit in a topic that is not even about Xbox Live...

power of Green 4444d ago

I have the same problem, i can host co-op but not join it. can somebody tell me why i cant joint co-op games and only host them. #2 XBL isn't crap.

Andyg2134444d ago

okay...its not crap. But, why does it take so long to download stuff? I have a 12 meg internet connection...this stuff should fly.

Oh, and it sounds like you are having the EXACT same problem as me. I can host games but cant join them...totally weird.


power of Green 4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

Band width is the problem, Gears needs lots of it. If the person hosting the games is slowed down by a router(not dirrect feed) and hosts the cp-op when you're useing modem it will cause the issues you ans I have, "MS" said it's better for the people that have a dirrect link( just a modem) to host co-op. It's sometimes listed in back of games, their making note to fix this issue with dev's ect(so he says). So it seems many people have sh*tty service or useing a router that limits the band-width.

chitown4444d ago

i doubt the zune will succeed. too many people have ipods already, even though they break a lot.