It's time to buy a Wii U, these are the games you need

Being a Wii U owner since launch has been tough. But the release of Mario Kart 8 seems to have jump started the console’s appeal and more and more people are learning to love the GamePad.

So if you’ve just bought a Wii U or are on the fence on whether to purchase one, these are the games that you simply can’t do without. They may not be the highest scoring games but they’re different enough and appeal to a wide enough audience that will make sure your Wii U can be the centre of attention, no matter who’s coming round.

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JBSleek3134d ago

I agree. I have one when it first launched and enjoying it. Also it's a good way to get my girlfriend into gamin with me so she doesn't feel like I ignore her.

The_Hero3134d ago

None of the games I really want are out yet.

XisThatKid3133d ago

nah just Smash, Maybe if I can get a Wii U for less than 100$ 150$ tops I doubt I'll get anthing else.

BullyMangler3133d ago

lol @ those bellow me trying to act like Bayonetta 2 wiiU dsnt interest them when one can summon a huge King Coopa fist from out of thin air to bust faces haaa

Magicite3133d ago

Im playing mostly AAA multiplats and JRPG genre games, WiiU pretty much has nothing of that, so my current best combo choice is PC+PS3(PS4 in years to come).
As far as trend goes it doesnt look like software wise things would change considerably on Nintendo front.
I have been totally hyped about Xenoblade Chronicles X, but just one game cannot justify purchase of the console.

Retroman3133d ago

not at you jbsleek

non of nintendo games are appealing to me at the moment. what would get me off the fence would be Metal Slug, Contra,Einhander, R-type,Gradius,Gun starhero, Battle toad,Battle arena toshinden etc.... nintendo can't live off Donky kong,zelda,Metroid,Mario, pikmen,Luigi forever . 6 games for entire generation REALLY??? a beautiful side scrolling space shooter would pop .or more run an gun shooters

wonderfulmonkeyman3134d ago

My wallet is crying right now, but I'm still happy over the increase in great games, and the good news is that a select few of them are going to be this year instead of next.

My one regret is that Xenoblade X isn't one of the ones due out this year, but I can live with that...

dboyman3134d ago

They need to re-release the 1st game for the WiiU. It is so hard to find...

AJBACK2FRAG3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Another two for one would be super sweet for the folks that missed it the first time around!!! One of the most amazing Wii games by a long shot I've read here of some people calling Xenoblade One the best jrpg of the last ten years!!!!

Chrono3134d ago

They're the same games every gen.

Allsystemgamer3134d ago

Aaaaaaand someone doesn't play Nintendo games.

wonderfulmonkeyman3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Uncharted says hi, you bloody hypocrite, as does CoD, Assassin's Creed, and plenty of the other third party games that are just more of the same cover shooters, blood&gore fests, and shallow graphics-whore-catering cut-scene reels that you'll no doubt be ignorantly salivating over.

Stay salty.

Spotie3134d ago

Uncharted's only been around for one generation. Same with Assassin's Creed.

Then you toss out the same sort of generalizations you're attacking him over.

Seems you're just as salty.

wonderfulmonkeyman3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

@ Spottie

It's been around one generation.
And what number game is it on now?
Same with Assassin's Creed.
Don't even try to tell me you think third parties are innocent of that; if you're going to start crying "it's too milked!" then you need to take into account all the people doing it.

Also, I used the generalizations he used, because that's all hypocritical trolls freaking understand. It's how they communicate. And they're the most hypocritical and ridiculous statements that can be made, so they have to be called out.

Don't defend the troll.

Chrischi19883133d ago

Hahaha Spotie, way to shot your own leg^^

They've been out 1 generation, let us have a look at how many CoD you could get on Xbox 360, shall we?

CoD2, CoD3, CoD MW1, CoD WaW, CoD MW2, CoD BO1, CoD MW3, CoD BO2 and CoD Ghost.

How many are these? 9 Games, on one console? Talk about milking Nintendo franchises, that get like one game per console generation^^ How dumb is that? Same goes for Assassins Creed. Around for 1 Generation, but get a new one every year or like this year, even two sequels^^

How can people be so ignorant, play CoD and act like Nintendo is all of the same over and over again^^

Nintendos franchises might stay the same, but they always offer big improvements and mostly with success, I dont know another company, that can do that.

jcnba283134d ago

That argument has been beaten to death, come up with some new content to toll about.

Dante813134d ago

Nintendo knows how to use their characters without over-milking them. Why do you think they have lasted so long? Also, they change things up all of the time with new gameplay mechanics that are actually "new".

AJBACK2FRAG3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I remember Mr. Miyamoto saying that new Mario games are based on the release of new hardware. In My opinion that's how Nintendo has kept all these great chracters so fresh! I love Call of Duty with all of my heart but when the new one was teased I wrote on this site Activision you turned COD into Halo f*** you. They should be going bacward in time not forwards. I also wrote on this site that they should rerelease Blops 1 on the Wii U with all the dlc on disc and call it Call of Duty Blackest Ops . Pimp it hard at e3 maybe get some Nintendo fans back onboard maybe even have a hit! The game is already made just put a Wii U sticker on it!!!! Serve up a couple new guns and a couple new map's and get that dlc money!!!!! There's still a couple thousand gamers still playing Black Ops on the Wii. Maybe you guys could even to a cool bundle! I've also said on this site that Activision should basically release one Call of Duty a generation throw in a few maps a few guns a few new skins to keep it interesting and you just might find some gamers will look forward to a new iteration of Call of Duty instead of... dreading it.

LightDiego3134d ago

Please, go play mobas and stay away from real games.

iplay1up23133d ago

They are not the same games every gen....Mario Galaxy and Mario Sunshine are not the same at all. Nintendo always makes their games FRESH.

Not just the same shooter different location.

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Perjoss3134d ago

Glad to see ZombiU on that list, such a fantastic game.

ape0073134d ago

agreed, very well designed old school style horror

AceofStaves3134d ago

I bought a Wii U earlier this week on the strength of Nintendo's E3 digital briefing. I always wait at least a year before buying Nintendo's home consoles - sometimes several years - but the presentation gave me the little push to make the jump. I bought the Mario bundle, and I've been pleasantly surprised at how great the gamepad is. Being able to control the TV from the gamepad? Fantastic. :)

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