Minecraft: Pocket Edition's 'biggest update ever' add infinite worlds and more

GameDynamo - Minecraft: Pocket Edition has taken a major step towards becoming a straight-up mobile port of its PC and console-based counterparts.

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DJ-DK7863132d ago

This is pretty old news

szenkapotamus3132d ago

If they can have infinite worlds on mobile, why can't they on consoles? At least ps4 and x1?

3132d ago
adonis1833132d ago

Because the developers are afraid that your harddrive will fill up pretty quick as you move through the minecraft world.

Elwenil3132d ago

That hardly makes any sense considering I have been running Minecraft on my PC on the same Raptor drive for years that is less than 100 GB, not to mention it also has my OS on it and several other games. Even with a dozen or more worlds saved my entire Minecraft folder is a bit over 700 MB.

Soldierone3132d ago

Console have at least 500GB hard drives, what phone has that much space?

Plus it's not hard to code in a data cap.

problemchild843129d ago

It's because not all consoles come with hard drives. At least that's what it says on the wiki anyway.