Dear Xbox One fans, it's time to stop being angry about Destiny

It's a sad truth that the art and business of games development aren't always the best of buddies. Sometimes, they claw at one another like rabid teenage brothers - and when they do, the consequences can be anything from a free-to-play game that's punishingly dependent on microtransactions, to the repurposing of old assets in annual shooters.

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Eonjay3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

You know, the story was initially blown out of proportion. It was one girl who sent 3 messages. If PlayStation owners didn't threaten to boycott RockStar after the 14 months exclusive Xbox 360 GTA 4 DLC, I don't think we need to worry about Xbox gamers loosing their minds over this.

Kingthrash3603662d ago

Thats what I was gunna say. Ms started this trend long ago with GTA..they still practice this with cod..just with less exclusive time. Smh time to move on from it, you shouldn't cry over a method you bragged about before.

doolin_dalton3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Sony fans used to complain about MS's exclusive DLC (especially regarding GTAIV), calling it an evil business practice and condemning MS for doing it. As it turns out, that was nothing but fake outrage, and people weren't really upset at the practice, but simply because their favorite company was on the short end. Many of these same people are bragging now that Sony's doing it.

On the other hand, Xbox fans have had their share of exclusive DLC, and still have some upcoming. They shouldn't complain now because it will also seem like fake outrage.

Nobody has the high road in this battle.

SideNote3662d ago

Sony started this long before dlc. I was a casualty of the Dreamcast because of it. But hey in love and war.

Clogmaster3662d ago

Don't think anyone is bragging about it.

It should just stop though and should not have occurred as much as it did last gen.

miyamoto3662d ago

Yeah I remember when Xbox was getting the "better" version of multi-plats, lots of 360 fans say "exclusives don't matter anymore".
What happened to that?
Suddenly exclusivity matters to them now?

Kingthrash3603662d ago

What? No, Sega doomed Dreamcast.
IMO the Dreamcast was the best console Sega made and of that generation ...but it was Sega who ran out of money....Sony had nothing to do with it.

otherZinc3662d ago


You're 100% correct! SONY started this even as far back against the SEGA SATURN.

Pain3662d ago

Lets also not forget about all the Oblivion/skyrim/fallout dlc..

Cry more that's all I have to say.. sucks when the tables have turned.

tbone5673662d ago

PS fans need to stop being angry when MS does the same thing. Ms has more money so it will happen more.

The_Hero3662d ago

Dear Xbox One fans, it's time to stop being angry about Destiny <----- This coming from totalxbox.com
You see how far the butthurt has gone.
This is what happens when you have spoiled brats as fanbase.
PlayStation should take note.

BlackWolf123662d ago

I think it was time for Xbox fans to stop being angry before it was time for them to even start.

This whole thing has REALLY made the XBox community seem like a bunch of sissies who are too obsessed with gaming.

360ICE3662d ago


Obviously, there's reason to be upset about this practice. They pay just to keep content away from other platforms. I mean, I get that it's just business, but it is more annoying than,say, funding a game like The Order: 1886, and having it be exclusive.

Jonny5isalive3662d ago

I had both consoles last gen so I never really cared, I dont even think I bought any of that DLC for any of those games. However, it is always lame even if you have both consoles.

I think the more people get mad at stuff like this the better. No one should just say OK, exclusive content is something we should expect with every big release.

One group is mad now, one group says suck it up now. Later it will be the opposite.

I dont like it at all. People, on this site especially, shouldnt either because it is MS that has the most money to throw around. They have shown in the past they will, just imagine now that the XB1 is way behind.

I already anticipate some sort of deal between MS and bethesda for fallout 4, because MS will pay the LARGE sum of money to try and boost sales. Sucks for me because I will be getting ps4 first and want the better version.

This game is an interesting situation as the bungie community formerly was all xbox people and they feel betrayed and probably helpless as the xbox 1 sucks in sales.

I encourage both sides to realize that it may not feel bad if you are not getting screwed now(it may even be fun to brag about), but it will not feel good to be screwed later down the road. If you end up with both consoles then you can get a different type of screwed. You may have to miss content to get the version you want.

This is an age where Rstar dont care about PS fans and bungie doesnt care about xbox fans. Only $$$$.

UltraNova3661d ago


Totally agreed.

In reality paying for exclusivity will always go on especially in the MS camp since they have the money and I do not blame them for this, but forced Parity I cannot accept. No way.

Why force so many consumers to get a purposefully gimped version of the game they paid a considerable amount of money for? I truly wonder why hasn't anyone looked into this legally yet!!

BVFTW3661d ago

Nope, I believe (thought it might be an earlier case out there) Nintendo started this nonsense demanding exclusivity for third party games released for the NES and at an earlier point required to sign a contract that would obligate these parties to develop exclusively for the system, obviously they were sued and 'till this day some people still hate them for this rough start.

konohashin3661d ago


Sony fans dont only complain about timed exclusives or exclusives (+DLC) or whatever.

Remember Final Fantasy (that STARTED on Nintendo) and how there was an internet meltdown when 13 came to Xbox and was not PS exclusive anymore?

All the (mentally) 13 year olds started to cry coz the 13th part of a non-sony game went multiplat. It fellt like Friday 13th to them.

Docknoss3661d ago

I'm not mad, I don't even care. Destiny isn't peaking my interests anyway

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ZodTheRipper3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I saw lots of complaints on Bungie.net, people were going crazy. It was actually so embarassing to read these immature and entitled comments that I was just glad to stand on the right side and never have owned a Xbox in my life :D

marlinfan103662d ago

yeah since its only xbox fans that do stuff like that....


gamerfan09093662d ago

Wasn't there a large amount of Sony fans signing petitions to get Sunset Overdrive multiplatform to the point ted price had to flat out tell people it's exclusive?

Godmars2903662d ago

How many times did 360 fanboy go ape-s**t at the mere mention of a MGS4 port?

ZodTheRipper3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

@marlinfan10: I never said that but I've seriously never seen so downright hateful comments on similar topics, many of which were deleted by Bungie shortly after. These people thought they are entitled to anything Bungie does and they demanded it with personal insults and extremely stupid arguments. I can assure you that I've never seen anything like that from Sony, Nintendo, or even PC master-race idiots.

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Charybdis3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Meh Bungie stated they would treat both consoles equally. Except apparently for dlc and beta stuff. I can see why some people who have supported the companies community and single franchise and its multiple games for years might be disgruntled.

In the end its just a company who made the decision of going multiplatform and to get the best results they decided they needed to reach out with their companies brand and name to the ps4 community and less so the xbox community. They are fairly well known and apparently loved so much by xb fans that some people are going crazy on the internet. In the end I think bungie made a smart decision giving ps4 the better edge which will result in more sales for them.

TheRedButterfly3662d ago

JSYK, that's the wrong side.

johndoe112113662d ago



If you want to call 159 people "a large amount of sony fans" then what can I say.

AngelicIceDiamond3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

@ZOD Very true.

But do you know who the ultimate winner in all this is?


Activision slept with MS and now sleeping with Sony on the opposite sides of the bed with Acti in the middle.

They're getting millions from Sony and the Destiny buissness deal and MS usual COD deal.

Bobby is laughing all the way to the bank. Its not like they take chances like the other publishers.

In fact they shut down studios and cancel projects all in favor of COD resources and more dev power and time. And of course the all mighty $$$.

Activision doesn't care who they piss off as long as that $$$ flow is coming in.