What's going on with Microsoft's Xbox One dev kit and launch parity policies?

Today, at an event in London, we asked Microsoft exec Chris Charla for a clearer picture of what was going on - but he refused to be drawn on what form Microsoft's eventual solution might actually take.

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TotallyNotGlenn3662d ago

Okay, that's a weird, dodgy little interview. Chris Charla has something to say, but he's not saying it--and while that's not uncommon, the fact that it's so painfully obvious here is strange.

Unfortunately, it sounds like something's wrong.

JBSleek3662d ago

I rather him dodge and not say anything then say something wrong and then here we ago with MS missteps.

TotallyNotGlenn3662d ago

True. I'm sure Microsoft is NOT looking for anymore PR trouble.

I just wish he had been more prepared to answer these questions. He was definitely a bit rattled, and it's not like the questions were accusatory or something. That really sends a message that something's wrong. For the vision thing, even if he gave a canned response like, "We're not ready to comment about the feature at this time, but we'll give everyone news as soon as we can," that would have come off a lot better than what he gave. "I can't, I have to say this, I can't talk about it publicly..." I don't know. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but it just felt a little strange to me.

Mr Pumblechook3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Earlier this week the journalist at Digital Spy publicly asked a Microsoft an honest question about the XB one Dev kit and was told that they had 'no plans' to release it. Can you guess what happened next?

Kotaku turned around and attacked the website and the journalist to say his report was false. Then some established N4G news posters (you know who you are) jealous of the hits that this story was getting killed the original story on N4G by calling it 'FAKE.'

But Kotaku's headline was untrue, the story was not a lie. The facts are that Microsoft contacted Kotaku and said the executive's comments were 'inaccurate.' They never at any point called the original story fake. Kotaku should have asked if the story is indeed 'inaccurate' when exactly is the Xbox One Dev Kit capability happening?'

Since then Kotaku have changed the title of their article. Originally it said "No Microsoft Didn't Reverse Course with Xbox One Dev Kits."
They have now changed it to " Microsoft Says they Didn't Reverse Course on Xbox One Dev Kits." The tone of the article has also been changed.

Good to see Eurogamer, a more balanced website, re-ask the question.

rdgneoz33662d ago

The problem they're having is probably similar to why they removed the ability to run linux on the ps3. Letting every console run in dev mode might lead to piracy.

jnemesh3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

What's going on? Simple, Microsoft doesn't know WHAT they are doing! One person says one thing, another says another thing...the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing!

Note that the "denial" didn't really clarify ANYTHING. It was just more mealy mouthed PR spin!

The "interview" was WORSE..."I can't comment on policies" Non-answers, avoiding questions, blah blah blah. Not ONE shred of additional information was given.

How are people supposed to trust a company that won't even DISCUSS their anti-competitive, anti-developer, ANTI-GAMER policies?

Charybdis3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

"Unfortunately I'm not really a developer so I can't really comment on that."
So you want someone to make a statement about something they don't know much about.

FamilyGuy3662d ago

They knew this question was in circulation, he should've found out the answer from a developer before even being interviewed.

Charybdis3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

@Family Guy:
They could also have decided that their personnel should finally stop commenting on things they don't know much about or aren't already set in stone and wait till there are at least official statements on company policies or time frames, especially after the latest mishaps in Microsoft pr and communication department.

fenome3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


Unfotunately at this point it just appears that they're just hoping that if they ignore the questions then they'll magically disappear.

PR likes to play games, it's either hide and go seek, ring around the rosies or a wild goose chase. Everything is don't ask, don't tell. Well now everyone is asking, but nobody's telling us anything. Of course at this point people are just going to ask anyone associated, because there's not a specific person to ask. It's always either 'no comment', 'I don't know, because it's not my job', or 'ask him', and 'he' doesn't know either.

How far up the corporate ladder do people need to climb just to get a straight answer? These are things that have been spoken about for over a year now, why is it all mum's the word now?

Just be real about it, that's what it comes down to. All the elusive, secrative, question-dodging is horrible PR. If you want to get in good with your community, then be honest with them.

They've finally been getting more positive recognition again lately. After all their PR disasters over the past year, they shouldn't take the chance of letting this mis-communication (or lack there of) getting blown way out of proportion.

I'm not saying this guy should've answered, but someone in the company should at least acknowledge it. It doesn't even have to be formal press release. In fact, it probably shouldn't be.

Phil Spencer should just tweet something like 'Who wants dev kits? Everyone with an Xbox One? We've got you covered, more info coming sooner than you think ;)'.

People eat that sh!t up. Then follow through in a week or two with some kind of info.

Hopefully they haven't totally canned this project otherwise it's really going to hit the fan again. I can understand why they would though, because can you imagine what could happen when people jailbreak something like that?

Either way though, the most important thing they can do right now is just be honest with their fans.

(I ageed with you, I'm not arguing your stance, I just don't understand how nobody in the whole company knows anything.)

UltraNova3661d ago



I cant see how MS can go through this now (all xb1 doubling as dev kits)that they had to revoke their DRM and always online plans. If they had just one chance to fend off hackers and jail-breakers that would be it.

If I had to choose I would go with the consumer friendly choice every day of the week.

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JBSleek3662d ago

You are overreacting to an interview when a guy who has not authority over ID@Xbox says "I can't comment on that"

It's not that serious.

fenome3662d ago

That's true, but at this point people are asking anybody they can because so far everybody they've asked has that same exact answer.

skydragoonity3662d ago

Ah just another day at the M$ office

DeadRabbits3662d ago

If M$ were actually being honest then I would have have thought I woke up in Bizarro world. But no its business as usual in m$ bs hq

stripe8143662d ago

its coming back to life like Frankenstein...

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Great service but crappy store.