New Fable Legends Video Demonstrates The Dynamic Illumination In The Game

Yesterday, Lionhead Studios’ employees published the new Fable Legends video, which shows us how incredibly good the game’s lighting system will be.

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Axios23125d ago

Looks awesome, do we have a release date yet?

reve3125d ago

No, we still don't know when the game will be released, probable sometime in 2015

Magicite3124d ago

You are praising every X1 game, no matter the genre, setting or score. Pretty much like a guy from TV ads. I bet You dont own most of them though.

JCOLE131953125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Game looks beautiful. But does anyone else feel like they went in the wrong direction with this one? I wanted to play as my own hero, like how the first three Fables were. They've made this game into more of a multiplayer dungeon crawler rather than an epic, story-driven single player experience the previous games were like. I can honestly say the last great Fable I played was Fable II.

Neoninja3125d ago

This is a spinoff game that's why they went a different direction with it. I'm sure Fable 4 will be like the other 3 when they get around to it.
Hopefully more like 1 and 2 than Fable 3.

nicksetzer13125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

@ron I am actually happy. I was never a big fan of fable, but I do think this looks great. As long as they manage to slip a good story and get the mechanics to work nicely I am looking forward to it.

OT: Those visuals are extremely impressive.

Hercules1893125d ago

This video just proves how much the xbox one is limited.

gamerfan09093125d ago

In what way? This looks gorgeous.

Hercules1893125d ago

I know it does as do all the other exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break. Shouldve put a /s tag but I thought it was pretty obvious,lol.

ComBaTs0uL3125d ago

Another delusional Sony fanboy crashing an xbox1 article what a surprise,not.

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