14 features the Xbox One needs to be a kick-ass console

Microsoft has, to its credit, listened to fan feedback and rolled out a wealth of system updates almost every single month - refining certain features, adding completely new ones, and even ditching the bundled Kinect, something the company once claimed it would never do.

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JBSleek3134d ago

Here is the full list:

1. Download digital titles prior to release
2. Gifting games to out friends
3. Offer a full range of entertainment apps
4. Expand on Games with Gold
5. Make a back catalogue of 360 games available
6. Even more social features
7. Video and audio file playback
8. Make lists, not files
9. Customizable home backgrounds
10. Remember preferred settings
11. More ways to share
12. Flexible voice commands
13. Domes on Xbox One games
14. Make Xbox One achievements and games visible on 360

Ghost_Nappa3134d ago

15. Make Kinect understand "Xbox,On".

kreate3134d ago

I don't think x1 need more features.
if it does get more features, its a plus of course.

but it needs more compelling games.
and above all, it needs a image change.

JBSleek3134d ago

1. More features could never hurt.

2. Regarding Xbox image, that changes with time.

PONTIAC08G8GT3134d ago

Image is fine. If someone is still holding a grudge from something that happened over a year ago, it's time to put on your big boy/girl pants and move on. They made a bad decision. Guess what....lots of companies make poor choices. But they rectified them and now it should be about the games.

Features, the system is fine. I don't need it to give me a milk shake or tell me I'm a great person when I turn it on. I just want it to play games, watch movies, occasionally use Amazon Instant Video, do some Skype videos, maybe customize the home screen a little, and call it a day. The system is doing fine, it doesnt need bells and whistles.

ktype23134d ago

Definitely agreeing with the Remember features part. And the free demo games. I miss those times when we still used to get free demo discs from game mags :P

DeadRabbits3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

1080p 60fps but that will be the xbone 2 :(

I will though pick up a xbone controller for my pc at some stage!

cruzngta3134d ago

It does 1080/60 in games already. Not every game made will hit that anyway not even on PS4.

LAWSON723134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I want shortcut buttons on friends list, DLNA support, run apps in background and a Slacker radio app so I can listen to music while gaming. Another huge feature I want is Xbox 360 games available on the store like Xbox Originals last gen. If they add these I will be extremely happy especially if they keep giving games like Guacamelee away for free.

Oh and why the hell does 'Xbox on' not work? I also would love it to adopt some more social features like gifting, and maybe digital game sharing. I think digital gaming can become a prominent purchasing method if companies like Sony and MS try to run special promos and offer exclusive bonuses (not DLC, things like sharing). They could learn a thing or two from Valve.

matt1393134d ago

DLNA is already supported....

The main thing for me is preorder/pre load digital titles.

turdburgler10803134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I enjoy being able to browse media from my phone using apps like bubbleupnp and streaming it to the Xbox one. That way I'm not bothering someone using it while I'm searching and I don't have to leave my couch of laziness:-)

LAWSON723134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Hardly, it has that W8 remote play feature which is far from being a great alternative to running a media server where you get to browse a file directory.

Nightcyberspud3134d ago

Allow voice messages again!!!

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